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  1. I have been kicking myself to this day for parting with a 3DO M2 FZ-35S many years ago because the CD rom was not able to read IMSA racing and few other discs I had at the time. Wish your channel was around then, but fun to watch it now and all the progress you have made with research, video creation, etc. I also have two original 3DOs, both Japanese spec: FZ-1 w/ factory 240P and USB Host mod and a NiB FZ-10. Still hoping I find another M2 someday....
  2. Coming to this thread a bit late, but I am very interested. Any ideas on pricing?
  3. Great thread. I picked up a $7.99 Sega Genesis replica controller and it works perfectly with the latest revision of Moon Patrol. My wife was wondering what I was so happy about, but having multiple buttons when playing a game on my old 130XE is a wonderful thing Looking forward to trying out the other games listed above.
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