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  1. I have no hurry at all, just that my first answers was about them might being fake and I just wrote that I'm not worried that they are not legit but was asking about the value. Just to get back on track. And forums are slow, I know, too bad that Facebook has taken over by its terrible groups. And prospective buyers will indeed set the value or "Something is only worth..." and that's for everything in the collectors market so it's kind of obvious. It's not like I think everything has a set price. Just wanted an estimate so I know if or when I'm gonna let them go. And I understand about the first impression cause I use to run one of the biggest retro forums in Scandinavia and you got a bit annoyed when someone registered and just posted about values. And then I do it myself. 🙈 🤥 Sorry 'bout that! Anyway, thanks for the great feedback. Helps a lot. I'll check out A-Team
  2. Thanks for the feedback and pictures. Pretty sure they all (including Data Age games) are legit so no worries there. But value? And please skip the "Something is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it" 🙂 /david
  3. Not sure where to post this so remove or move it if it's wrong. Hi! I have some atari 2600 games (proto, samples, sealed etc) that I would like to get an idea on the value on cause I don't wanna put them on eBay for $1 to see the value... well I don't wanna put them on eBay at all. I've checked all the rarity guides and value-sites I've found without much luck, they usually don't have prototypes, game samples and take in consideration sealed games etc. Anyone here that can help me with some values? Yes, I'm brand new on atariage.com but I've collected retro games for 15 years BUT I've never collected Atari 2600. My drug has been Vectrex! Pictures of the stuff: http://davidlilja.se/atari-stuff/ Email me at [email protected] or PM here cheers
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