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  1. I've collected much more than I had BITD but the only item I ever got rid of was my broken 800XL. It broke the day after my Amiga arrived with a red screen and I always thought that was suspicious. I always regret getting rid of it as I know now they are fixable and it had a wonderful keyboard. Oh well. My final BITD setup was my orginal 600XL with 1064 expansion (it resumed service after the 800XL death) with two 1050s and a 1010. I loved having two drives when playing Alternate Reality: The Dungeon and the Wizard's Crown games or using Synassembler.
  2. Items in my computer collection. Most of the photos were originally taken for Instagram but those here are from the originals so unfiltered.
  3. Some of my most-loved games from my collection across consoles and computers.
  4. Happy days - picked up an Atari SC1435 monitor for very cheap.

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    2. Stephen


      Excellent - CRT is the only way to properly display these old systems :)

    3. RetroElectroDad


      It will mean I finally have a suitable monitor for my Falcon or STE... if it works! Waiting for an ordered cable to arrive...

    4. GoldLeader


      Nice Happy Days reference NE146! LOL...

  5. I voted for green, because that was the colour the terminals used when I was learning to program on a mainframe and it feels like it screams retro!. But... for each platform it differs for me. For instance DOS PC - amber, Apple ][ - green, TRS-80 - white.
  6. Im so glad its back to you after its stay with me. I didnt notice anything obvious with the reset switch when I was testing it so I hope it wasnt bashed during transit. I tried to protect it from the rigours of international postage. I never did change the battery so thats a wise move! Cheers, Trev
  7. My Amiga with Workbench Amiga 1.3 was outstanding for it's time (haven't used subsequent releases). I was using MS-DOS 3 at work and wondering why everybody didn't go Amiga. Somebody at work had a Mac 128K to evaluate and it seemed primitive in comparison. MS-DOS 6 was, for me, the best DOS I worked with. Windows 3.1 was OK but 98 seemed more capable and solid to me. Then I moved into the Windows NT world and wasn't greatly impressed until XP which seemed great until I sampled Mac OSX Tiger. These days Windows 7 seems even better now that I've had to 'upgrade' to Windows 10 for work. OSX Snow Leopard was the peak of that line for me, luckily as it's the highest my vintage Macs will reach. If I had to choose two, it would be Snow leopard and Win 7.
  8. Boulder Dash, Lords of Midnight, Star Raiders, Gridrunner and Impossible Mission would be five feasible titles I'd like to see from a variety of platforms. None of which would've happened back in the TI's heyday but now with memory upgrades and large carts are very achievable.
  9. Please put me down for an Odyssey 2 extension when they become available. Great work!
  10. In September 1982 I bought my first computer, a Sinclair ZX81, then a couple of weeks later the very necessary though unreliable 16K RAM pack. The first magazine listing I remember typing in was a Star Trek game in the UK magazine Personal Computer World (Octobet '82). I vividly remember spending all evening over it and I loved it. I was very reticent about switching the machine off in case it didn't reload but I think the cassette save was OK in this case. I have looked for that very magazine issue for a few years now but until three weeks ago it had not appeared on eBay as far as I could tell, but now I have it! I plan on reliving that evening soon and once again typing that Star Trek game into my ZX81. I have not even found the game saved online so I think the effort is justified. I'll save it to SD card this time!
  11. You've been very successful this year! I'm trying to ease off a bit but it's a hard habit to break. I'm in a similar situation with the size of collection and have run out of space.
  12. This year:- TRS-80 Model I original model without the keypad but upgraded to level II BASIC, fully working. Best pickup of the year so far. ZX Spectrum +3 that was 'untested' but turned out just to need a new disc drive belt and is now fully working. Amstrad 8256 CP/M machine, beloved by authors, rescued from recycling for free and I don't yet know whether it works but it is in some state. Dragon 32 fully working. Dragon 32 in a bit of a state but served as a motherboard donor for a broken machine. Atari 1040 STe with colour monitor both fully working.
  13. Did you get anywhere with running the code? I do have an Atom though it spends most of its time in a box and I haven't used it much. In case it helps, I looked up running machine language code in Atomic Theory and Practice and there were the following commands:- LINK - link to machine code subroutine (returns with RTS, A,X and Y are initialised to the same-named BASIC variables and decimal mode flag is cleared) e.g. LINK #FFE3 *RUN - load and run a machine code file, e.g. *RUN "FILENAME" SSS where "SSSS" is an optional load address. The execution address is as stored in the file even if you relocate it. *LOAD - load a named file, optionally relocated, e.g. *LOAD "FILENAME" SSSS where "SSSS" is again the optional relocated load address.
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