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  1. Happy days - picked up an Atari SC1435 monitor for very cheap.

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    2. Stephen


      Excellent - CRT is the only way to properly display these old systems :)

    3. RetroElectroDad


      It will mean I finally have a suitable monitor for my Falcon or STE... if it works! Waiting for an ordered cable to arrive...

    4. GoldLeader


      Nice Happy Days reference NE146! LOL...

  2. Instagram - retroelectrodad

  3. Successfully installed F18A in a TI with a faulty VDP. Only lasting effect is a sticky cartridge port cover.

  4. wishing he had more spare time to work on his TI-99/4a game.

  5. Hi Willsy, thanks for your comment on my profile.

    I'm definitely trying to do a TI assembler project but it's always a matter of spare time - two young kids take most of it! I snatch an hour or so here and there though.

    It's certainly rare to find a Brit TI user - I loved mine when I was a kid and just re-bought one a couple of years ago for nostalgia. ...

  6. Seriously looking in to some TI-99/4a game development - too late for the competition though. I have ideas and I'm just researching the ins and outs of TMS9900 assembly. I did write an Extended Basic Lunar Lander game when I was a kid!

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