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  1. wishing he had more spare time to work on his TI-99/4a game.

  2. I've been starting off a machine language game project over the last few days and a day or two into it spectra2 was released so I thought I'd take a look. Thanks retroclouds for providing such a useful, well thought-out and professional product! After checking it out I've realised just how much of a leg-up the library is in an arcade game project. It really frees the author up to be creative rather than have to deal with the necessary foundations. I'm definitely going to use spectra2 from now on and should I find that I need to/can add anything I'll feed it back to you to decide whether it's something worth including. I'm working on a multi-bank cartridge so I'm assuming that the best idea is to include all of spectra2 in Bank 0 as the default bank, initialise the library from there and then to copy portions of spectra2 library code into other banks as required for their own routines? Hopefully I'll have something to show soon - I'm sure it would be a lot sooner than it would be without spectra2, thanks and thanks again!
  3. Would love one of those having tried twice to get one through eBay. PM sent!
  4. Very nice site Matthew. Already placed my first order! I hope the store really takes off and I'll certainly be supporting it and your hardware projects. Trev
  5. Thanks for putting that up. Quality looks pretty good, I can run it through OCR and stick it back online. That would be great if you could OCR it. I looked around for some free or cheap OCR software to do it but it all seemed to be a bit on the expensive side.
  6. I found a PDF of Compute!'s Beginner's Guide to Assembly Language a while back after trying to buy a copy for ages. Not sure where I found it but I don't remember it being easy and unfortunately it is not text-searchable. Anyway, I've uploaded it to Scribd at the link below. COMPUTE!'s Beginner's Guide to Assembly Language on the TI-99/4a
  7. Hi Willsy, thanks for your comment on my profile.

    I'm definitely trying to do a TI assembler project but it's always a matter of spare time - two young kids take most of it! I snatch an hour or so here and there though.

    It's certainly rare to find a Brit TI user - I loved mine when I was a kid and just re-bought one a couple of years ago for nostalgia. ...

  8. Seriously looking in to some TI-99/4a game development - too late for the competition though. I have ideas and I'm just researching the ins and outs of TMS9900 assembly. I did write an Extended Basic Lunar Lander game when I was a kid!

  9. The Videogames Hardware Handbook doesn't include an 8-bit computer from the Atari stable and if you subscribe you may already have all the content in the book but it's a nice collection of the platform specials. I do think that the Konix Multi System shouldn't be in there and the Atari 800 and VIC-20 really should. RG's a great mag and look forward to it arriving on my doorstep every month, more so than GamesTM and Edge as it's a bit of a nostalgia-fest and I collect and have most of the old systems. The homebrew section definitely seems to have the most Atari 8-bit coverage in the magazine, especially this month!
  10. I'd like to set up a retro computing venue of some kind. I'm thinking along the lines of a coffee shop where you go have a drink and play on one of a range of classic computers, consoles or arcade machines. Maybe with a vintage/retro computing and gaming museum tagged on. Not specifically Atari, but of course the Ataris would have pride of place and there'd be frequent Mule and Castle Crisis tournaments. I live in a seaside town that's seen the end of it's grandest days and there are a few old amusement arcades lying vacant. Maybe I can get one cheap when I retire and do it without the lottery win.
  11. Yoomp arrived safe and sound. Thanks to all for a great production! Trev
  12. I'm 40, born in Washington (UK, near Newcastle Upon Tyne) and I'm about to relocate to Belgium (Brussels) in the near future. My first computer was a ZX81 which I didn't see mentioned in any previous posts, followed by the TI99/4a (fond memories of an underated machine though a bit restrictive with no machine language access), then my first Atari was a 600XL with 1010 tape deck. I really got hooked when I bought a used 1050 drive and upgraded to an 800XL when Dixons in the UK were more or less giving them away with the 1050 in a bundle. The 800XL lasted me a good while until the very day I bought an Amiga 500. Once the A500 entered the house the poor 800XL must have assumed that was the end for it and just refused to boot up. A few people here seem to have the collecting bug and I too have most of the 8 and 16 bit machines that in their heyday I could only read about along with most consoles though really the only one I ever use is a 1200XL or a PAL 800XL with SIO2PC. I think my Atari 8-bit loyalty comes from having programmed in machine language on it and really got to know it and respect the design.
  13. Hi all, first post so be gentle! I just had to recommend an Infocom title that I played years ago and still have somewhere - Leather Goddesses of Phobos. I really enjoyed that one with the different naughtiness settings (I think from "tame" to "lewd" if I remember rightly) and the scratch 'n sniff card. Very funny. I loved all the extras that Infocom put in their packaging and I think Goddesses also had a 3D comic with red/green glasses. Also the Zork trilogy is a real classic and a "must play" and the Level 9 games are good. A bug I discovered in Level 9's Red Moon was that you could bury anything, even a giant that was blocking your path at one stage so you didn't need the actual solution. You had to be careful though as anything buried was gone forever.
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