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  1. Yeah, this is impressive. Check off another arcade game redone right.
  2. Has anybody hacked this rom to just have continuous loop of the color/logo? Or has anybody seem a rom where its just this ? I'd like it for a streaming background.
  3. Mail call !
    - 2600-adapter
    - drop in S-video/composite/pause mod for my light sixer
    - EL wire for the light sixer
    Project photos and videos to follow soon!


  4. Done! Ordered a Peril T. Good luck and looking fwd to the final release.
  5. Playing this WIP religiously. Shaking my fist at this wonderfully annoying fun game! Looking fwd to final release. Do you have a donate site? I've played enough that I feel guilty and would like to chip in. Thanks.
  6. Thanks. I just got the same parts and had to guess what was what and for. This is a big help. Good luck.
  7. Hi - I have a light sixer that needs rehab. See the photo. This is an intermittent video problem. So far this glitch only occurs on Atari Age's Test Cart (awesome btw) and Realsports Tennis. All other games appear normal. Ideas of whats causing this? I can start with the capacitors and the voltage regulator, unless you think going straight to the chip swap is needed. Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks!
  8. Ok it’s been a while. Does anyone want to try again? Vintage gaming is a lot more popular now. Sent me a DM with your thoughts? At at the very least I’d like to try an informal 2600 meet and greet and gaming every once and a while.
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