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  1. Hi-  I have a light sixer that I modded RCA composite from the lesser priced mods on Ebay.  The light sixer has also had a recap kit. 


    I'm pretty excited with the composite result as my screen is very sharp, rock solid stable, and a drastic improvement over the old RF.  However, the colors are a bit dull and could use more contrast.  So much so that I have to increase my TVs brightness and contrast to get a good picture.  Its a minor annoyance, but I'm at the point where I want to tinker with this.  


    I've seen threads discussing bypassing certain resistors to get more juice to the video output, but I could be talking poppycock here.


    Can somebody provide some input or a general discussion or links to other threads on where to look to increase contrast/video output from the unit?

  2. Thx all for the comments. $2 average is the goal.  I have many games that are worth 10+.  But your points are well taken.  Perhaps sell the higher worth ones individually and put the rest into lots.  Any tips for the lots?  I thought about having separate lots for lettered carts vs pictured cards (mostly Atari commons).

  3. On 6/6/2021 at 1:19 AM, kennybrooks said:

    As a seller on ebay for many years, I would say this is not worth it.  $2 for the hassle of dealing with buyers and ebay fees per cartridge is a waste of time.  If you could sell them in one lot that would be better, buyers tend to expect less from items in a lot sold as is.

    Thx.  Appreciate the comments

  4. I’m divesting my cart collection and plan to do it primarily over EBay, unless somebody can suggest a better idea (?) Mostly if not all commons.  Very few collectibles/rares.  Timeline - Im open to divest slowly over time and would like to net $2 avg per common cart.  Open to all thoughts, suggestions and ideas.  Thanks

  5. Playing this WIP religiously.  Shaking my fist at this wonderfully annoying fun game!  Looking fwd to final release.  Do you have a donate site?  I've played enough that I feel guilty and would like to chip in.  Thanks.


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  6. Hi - I have a light sixer that needs rehab.  See the photo.  This is an intermittent video problem.  So far this glitch only occurs on Atari Age's Test Cart (awesome btw) and Realsports Tennis.  All other games appear normal.  Ideas of whats causing this?  I can start with the capacitors and the voltage regulator, unless you think going straight to the chip swap is needed.  Any thoughts appreciated.  Thanks!


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