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  1. In this week’s video, I review a great shooter for the Atari 2600, Phoenix! These radioactive birds have allied with an alien to take Earth’s valuable resources. Can you defeat them? Check it out, and as always constructive criticism is welcomed! Thanks! Retro Game Review - Phoenix
  2. What did you pick up on Black Friday at your local retro game store? Me? I decided to kick off my NES collection! Check it out, and as always constructive criticism is welcomed. Thanks! Black Friday NES Pickups!
  3. Retro Game Review - Haunted House I wish I had done this back on Halloween, however this week I review another classic Atari 2600 game with Haunted House! Can you find all of the pieces of the magical Urn in Old Man Grave’s haunted mansion? Check it out! And as always constructive criticism is welcomed. Thanks!
  4. I continue my reviews of great old games on the 2600 with a Classic for Star Wars fans! The Empire Stokes back was the first officially licensed games for Star Wars and it’s a ton of fun to play! Check it out, and as always constructive criticism is welcomed. Retro Game Review: The Empire Strikes Back
  5. Retro Game Review - Adventure Someone from this amazing community sent me a copy of one of the best games made for the 2600 console! This week I review the iconic Adventure by Atari! Check it out, and as always constructive criticism is welcomed!
  6. This week I discuss buying games online and some quick and easy tips for cleaning old cartridge games. Check it out, and as always constructive criticism is welcomed.
  7. My next review of Imagic’s Atlantis! Check it out here and as always constructive criticism is welcomed! Atlantis Review
  8. Hello Atari Enthusiasts! In my latest video I review Berserk from Atari! Check it out, and as always, constructive criticism is welcomed. If you have a game you’d like me to review, please let me know. Thanks! Berzerk Review
  9. Staring my Atari 2600 game reviews off with a bang! Today I reviewed Spider Frighter from Activision! Check it out and constructive criticism is welcomed! Thanks guys! Spider Fighter Review
  10. Hello fellow Atari enthusiasts! I just started my retro gaming journey with a console I have loved since I was a kid. I decided that I would share my retro gaming experience with the world through my new YouTube channel. My first video is up and it is an unboxing of the 2600 Vader console and some games I have picked up so far. If you’re interested, please check it out. And constructive criticism is very welcomed. Thanks! Unboxing Atari 2600 Vader Console
  11. This was what I was thinking as well and I appreciate the confirmation. Thank you, this is what I shall do.
  12. Hey everyone! I started a new YouTube channel to chronical my journey into retro gaming. I am starting with the 2600 and will be doing box openings, game reviews, walk throughs and more. I just wanted to know where the appropriate place to make posts and help direct some folks over to my channel? Thanks in advance guys! Ed
  13. Hello Atari Masters! I am brand new to the 2600 collecting community and I am looking to jump start my new passion for a console from my youth. I was hoping to find a console on the cheep with controllers to kick off my collection. Right now I am more interested in a functional console with controllers, and some games. That's it. Nothing has to be in the box and band spanking new, I just want something that works to start playing some games on with the kids. Heck, I'd even take a Jr. if I had to. I had found a nice in the box Vader console at my local retro shop, but by the time I went back to pick it up, it had already been sold. So at the moment I am without a console. I have been checking out my local Craig's Lists and nothing has popped up so far, and my plan is to start hitting garage sales and flea markets to see what is out there locally. But I know there must be a mountain of unused/unwanted 2600 consoles in this community! I started off by checking out the 'Free Games' section of this forum and Rkenneha was awesome enough to send over some free games he was unloading. Of which I intend to pay that forward, when the opportunity arrives. But I am looking to the folks here for any console and controllers they would like to get off of their shelf at home. So PM me with whatever you have, if is reasonable and in my budget, we'll make a deal! Thanks in advance guys! OGG
  14. Stupid autocorrect! Lol. Sorry John!
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