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  1. Well, it's at least some plasma https://github.com/pfusik/numen/tree/master/tiplazma
  2. Are there any games using TIP or GTIA 9++ or any other enhanced mode beyond the "hardware" ones? For instance, it sounds a bit cumbersome to draw things on TIP based on the docs and other comments (e.g. https://atariage.com/forums/topic/312618-large-memory-demosgames/?do=findComment&comment=4685732). I wonder what parts of Numen use TIP.
  3. Doesn't Altirra run on Linux using Wine?
  4. Pretty neat resources. Thanks @MrFish.
  5. Does anyone have or know of a complete list of ANTIC/GTIA graphics modes, in one place, to help developers make the right choice for a particular project? One that includes not only the "originals" (as in http://gury.atari8.info/ref/graphics_modes.php for example) but also the special ones discovered over time such as APAC, HIP, RIP, TIP and whatever else. Ideally including which color registers are used, limitations, tips, and any other pros and cons of each mode.
  6. How funny. Recently, when I realized I didn't have a clear enough game design in my mind while working in assembler, I started too playing around with pygame on PC so I could more quickly iterate on designs. But my goal is to then implement that in Atari with assembler. I haven't gone far enough this route to see how well this approach will work, but I'm hoping to get good results if I can put in the time.
  7. Love the slimey character. The video made me think of Frogger. Maybe that could give some ideas on game goals, such as avoiding monsters just fill up a slime well.
  8. Are you WillySoft? http://www.atarimania.com/game-atari-400-800-xl-xe-draconus-iv_1708.html
  9. The big stores thought they were selling originals because they got these nicely produced tapes from Mexico. That's what they would tell me. But then around 1988 they realized they were pirated haha
  10. Hola! Given how important Atari was in Chile and the outsize presence of Chileans in the community, it occurred to me to Google "Atari Chile" and found this thread I'm Chilean too, grew up in Santiago and had an Atari 2600 since 1984 and 800XL since 1986. Nothing defined my young years more than these machines. I migrated to Atlanta, US in 2005. Saludos! Raul
  11. I see now, thanks. I just couldn't find it on github or by googling for it. Is there any public code repository online to look at current progress, history, and even contributing?
  12. Altirra is a fenomenal piece of work. Even the reference manual is gold. Any chance of open sourcing the code?
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