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  1. Haha exactly the opposite for me, I’ve always found shipping and logistics fascinating. My brother and I was on the coin op eBay craze in the late 90’s early 2000’s and shipping coin op units and pinballs was cool to me. Always wonder how companies move massive amounts of products from overseas, ultimately ending up at your home.
  2. I always feel hardware comes too early for the next gen cycle. But in my mind, next gen hasn’t really started yet. Why? You can’t readily walk into a big box store or mom and pop game shop and get the new PS5 or Xbox whatever they call it. And as you pointed out Tommy, the games are underwhelming at the moment. The video you shared was certainly next gen worthy. But honestly, it didn’t look fun. Just my opinion.
  3. No love for QT??? I know he’s controversial but Pulp Fiction has to be on a few people’s top ten list here on AtariAge 🤣 It’s hilarious!
  4. When the VCS gets busted open and the mod community makes it worth a purchase I will snap one up....if it ever comes to retail that is.
  5. I’d pick one of the classic controllers in a heartbeat if they ever get on store shelves.
  6. Well I’m shocked new Atari actually shipped something. So I will fess up and say I was wrong, they did ship. I’m thrilled for the backers. I wanted to back it, loved the look of the unit and thought the classic controller is so cool I’d buy it without hesitation if it were in stores on the shelf. Heck I’d probably buy the Xbox looking modern Atari controller. What I couldn’t bring myself to do was throw near 300 bucks for a low end mini pc in a cool Atari shell...from a shady as shit company like new Atari. Turns out my suspicions were confirmed and my instinct was correct...the entire experience is half baked. Store is minimal and half functional at best. Wireless controllers isn’t 100% yet and exclusive game developers are non existent. So why spend money on it? It has the Atari logo on it...not enough of an Atari experience for the price. Just my 2 cents.
  7. I’ve always enjoy the whimsical style mini golf games over sim style. Really hoping Amico has some fun games just like this!
  8. 3 weeks left in this year...anybody got their VCS yet? I laugh when I think about Nutari generating 11,000 plus shipping numbers. I doubt that could muster enough to successfully ship 11 products. Weeks not months....
  9. Batman and Robin...only movie I ever walked out on. Terrible...like the VCS!
  10. Heck I’m a huge Nintendo mark and missed out on the Wii U altogether 🤣 Finally picked one up at GameStop on the cheap to simply mod it and play a few exclusive Wii U titles.
  11. Nice! Can’t wait to see the final design of the vintage woodgrain beside OG INTV!
  12. Now you got me wanting to break out my token collection 😁
  13. Who wants to bet after December and no units are in backers hands we get the “no news is good news update” 🤣😆
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