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  1. Well I finally got my gmail to show the correspondence from IE so I just clicked the link there and placed 2nd order. Bet they serial # will be the one I give my brother as a gift 😂
  2. Same thing I was thinking...I have waited to submit a 2nd order as I wanted one for my brother. Funny thing is my gmail still doesn’t show the email! Glad I used my hotmail as well!
  3. I’m sure sure on day one people like ETA Prime will have a tear down video 😂
  4. Countdown is on for the email to pre order founders edition! Hey Tommy you guys at IE excited to watch how many pre orders come in today ? I can imagine at 1pm west coast time the offices at Intellivision will be hopping!
  5. Ive had a pre order for the TG-16, never had one as a kid. Just learned of the Evercade.
  6. Speaking of all these lawn games hope we get a cool croquet game, each ball could reflect colors on the Amico controller. Lots of possibilities I’m sure.
  7. Could not agree more! I had reservations buying the OG Xbox at launch(I wondered if it would suffer from blue screen of death like MS software) I immensely enjoyed Halo, DOA 3, Project Gotham Racing and more. I questioned Nintendo’s direction on the Wii while I stood in line during a cold rain at Circuit City. I thought the system looked too “gimmicky”. Loved the controller after serious questions before launch, so much we still play the Wii today! I have questions and concerns about the Amico and its controllers. Is that stopping me from trying to get a Founders Edition? No! Having an open mind cost nothing and if my family and I end up not liking it as much as I hope we do, I’ll still be glad I added it to my collection. Heck, I’d probably buy an Atari VCS if they put one on a physical shelf in a real store.
  8. I’ve signed up under both my gmail and hotmail. I signed up when it first was announced that the first 100,000 or so folks would get dibs on special things. Found that I wasn’t getting the communications and they went directly to spam. So I also signed up with hotmail and moved all emails from Intellivision Entertainment to my “focused inbox”. Each email client is a little different.
  9. Sweet! Now I gotta sneak out of work 1 hour early to try and get #1 😂 Kidding aside I’ll be clicking that link soon as the email is sent. One for me and one for my brother who got me playing Intellivision as a kid!
  10. It looks neat I’m a sucker for cool little hand helds! I may pick one up for the collection! I hadn’t heard of that either til this thread.
  11. I can see how the pressure would be on this final step...you have the ideas and funding, the execution must be spot on!
  12. Lead time is apparently a concept the French folks know nothing about 😳
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