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  1. I’m done with the trolling, I admitted to it. I was emotionally invested in this thing, got hooked, duped, spun around and watched entire debacle. Bottom line, ppl want their money back and INTV is slow(they say) to acknowledge and refund. No way to spin that. Until refund que is “wound down” they are crooks.
  2. While Mr Me is very respectful and I admit I have not been the same to him like places on Reddit, it serves ZERO purpose to engage with him. My bottom line…until all the pre order money is returned to the folks that requested it, this company should be viewed as crooked.
  3. Yea I’m holding on to it, my hopes one day it’s the go to system for entire 2600,5200 and 7800 library. Without booting into other OS with batocera or some other setup.
  4. I got that one plus a price match deal on Best Buy for $250. Trying to get my older brother an Amico… but we know how that ended 😂
  5. Ahhhhh Amico talk. Was the reason I registered on AtariAge after years of just lurking and then, conversely the reason I got banned 😭. But I apologized to Al and admitted my trolling. Ended up getting an Atari VCS on the super deal price of $99 and well… it is what it is. I do enjoy it. One thing it is….available for the public to purchase 😉
  6. I just picked one up. Recently got the Black Walnut from Best Buy a month back for $250.
  7. At first when the announcement was made at Portland Retro Expo I was super stoked. Classic simple gameplay updated with state of the art 2D chip. Right in my wheelhouse. Pre ordered 2, as brother was the bigger INTV fan and had planned to gift him one. Fast forward to present and pre orders canceled. Enthusiasm has not only waned, but been snuffed out. Price change, lack of development of OG Mattel games like Dracula, CEO behavior and multiple delays. Could care less now. Wish them luck, they are gonna need it.
  8. When the VCS gets busted open and the mod community makes it worth a purchase I will snap one up....if it ever comes to retail that is.
  9. I’d pick one of the classic controllers in a heartbeat if they ever get on store shelves.
  10. Well I’m shocked new Atari actually shipped something. So I will fess up and say I was wrong, they did ship. I’m thrilled for the backers. I wanted to back it, loved the look of the unit and thought the classic controller is so cool I’d buy it without hesitation if it were in stores on the shelf. Heck I’d probably buy the Xbox looking modern Atari controller. What I couldn’t bring myself to do was throw near 300 bucks for a low end mini pc in a cool Atari shell...from a shady as shit company like new Atari. Turns out my suspicions were confirmed and my instinct was correct...the entire experience is half baked. Store is minimal and half functional at best. Wireless controllers isn’t 100% yet and exclusive game developers are non existent. So why spend money on it? It has the Atari logo on it...not enough of an Atari experience for the price. Just my 2 cents.
  11. 3 weeks left in this year...anybody got their VCS yet? I laugh when I think about Nutari generating 11,000 plus shipping numbers. I doubt that could muster enough to successfully ship 11 products. Weeks not months....
  12. Batman and Robin...only movie I ever walked out on. Terrible...like the VCS!
  13. Now you got me wanting to break out my token collection 😁
  14. Who wants to bet after December and no units are in backers hands we get the “no news is good news update” 🤣😆
  15. If this long drawn out project from start to finish(assuming there is an actual finish) is any indication, it’s forever 😳
  16. Synergies of their business model 😂
  17. I’d say that $45 went for some blow or hookers, just my guess. At this juncture these clowns couldn’t affix postage to an envelope correctly.
  18. You trying to attract attention from a certain someone who don’t like all that soft core stuff the Big N has on the Switch? 😆😮
  19. Good point on the payment issue, seeing how they stiffed the architect of the PCB. Yea, so who knows how they will get around this one 😭
  20. If they are ready to go, in the good ole US of A then what is new Atari waiting on? Missing yet ANOTHER ship date just to keep up with their tradition of setting and missing ship dates??? Good gracious I don’t think this lame excuse for a company could stick their thumb up their butt or eat a taco correctly. I just thought I would check back in to see what is going on and well, I’m not disappointed with the VCS misfires. What’s sad is if this thing, with all its misgivings, were to actually show up on a store shelf somewhere...I’d buy it.
  21. The people who blindly believe will always do so, even when it NEVER hits their mailboxes. I felt bad for them at a time, but ignorance is bliss I guess.
  22. I’d bet it is too...at least show the box open with the “console” in its plastic wrapper or whatever the “pc” is packed in 🙄
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