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  1. Well I scanned it with 60 scanning engines and NADA! So me thinks... not sure what you got going on there. https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/4e9fc3c258bcf9e76c7b3b2dca653a34cbf1dc266bdf85c1cc782c334c0ccfa6/detection
  2. Sure - its somewhere in the mess of my Desktop... let me dig it out and get back to you. I have a Syscheck-XL if it makes a difference.
  3. Tfhh has always been honest and helpful. I have ordered from him in the past and will again. I would believe him if he says the package is delayed due to conditions outside of his control. Sorry this is happening to you sir. Hopefully it doesn't discourage you. Please everyone be patient. Edit.. and all i ever needed to know about the post i learned from the great Cliff Clavin.
  4. Still pull it from monitor output in 800xl.
  5. Even on rare occasions when I use a cart. (Note: There is enough clearance to put the cable in front of or behind the cart as well.)
  6. I would feel rather put out if I was you. I might feel a bit taken advantage of. Even 'open' products don't usually approve of simple re-branding. Otherwise its about advancing through collaboration. There is no judgments here, only questions. I was asking somewhat academically about the future. As ZuluGala says it has already been answered in the forum I will not waste your time here. Instead I will find answers in the forum. It is the nature of the uninitiated to sometimes approach the old topics as new. It sounds like an old topic. All the best and thanks for the hard work!
  7. Are you all being overly harsh on @ZuluGula? I didn't read any criticism in his posts. I found his questions reasonable and honest; as in the person was trying to understand and asking to be enlightened with answers from people whom might be able to provide answers. Why all this hostility? At least twice now this person has apologized for perhaps being misunderstood as English is not their first language. Furthermore, as discussion on the subject continued they didn't push back unreasonably (a sure sign of someone not asking a question but trying to instead push a secret agenda in the form of a question.) ...which it seems to be the reason why ZuluGula asked their original question. He felt others new something that he didn't understand; not that he wished to challenge any other person's motivations. I used the forum tools to read all the posts by this author consecutively and it seems that I must be missing something. Perhaps Z. is a nefarious troll and my lack of experience here leaves me ignorant? Might it be that folks are actually responding more to other people's comments rather than to the original posts by this individual? --- That last sentence I guess is a good example of conjecture wrapped in a fake question. --- Is this what you think ZuluGula was up to? Because I am new and ignorant and candle's responses were extremely enlightening to me. I thought I understand the work that went into these new Atari parts but there was so much I did not understand including: candle's motivations, the personal monetary contributions to projects by the developers, even ways to support developers other than device purchases. M questions above (with one exception) are legitimate and honest and I will respond to ZuluGula saying, there are devices I have purchased in my time here that are no longer available and I wish I had purchased multiple. Atari's might be getting rare but these devices are actually much more rare. Some people are collectors and that is reason enough, I just like the way these things work and don't want them to break someday because I don't have the skills to fix them. Also, @candle, I see you don't believe in open hardware/software, in the event that something is abandoned or obsoleted, how do you feel about making things available at those times if someone wished to continue developing or repairing your devices? Would it be your thought that someone might purchase a license or something similar at that time? I am just curious. Thank you.
  8. Mother of Jeebuz! Meanwhile I am looking for alternatives to the Raspberry Pi for my everyday computer because i don't like how much power it pulls. --- And you lost me at KDE Neon. We now must agree to disagree on everything... yes everything this world has to offer. I can't reason with a KDE lover. Cool! I'm so very sorry to hear it. Cheers
  9. My feeble attempts at humor via simile have failed completely. --- A jackhammer attachment for a dremel tool would be a novelty. Sure it would be amazing if it worked at all but I wouldn't think it would have the power to replace an actual jackhammer because there is a maximum that the dremel tool could possibly output. Naturally the same could be said about any particular application for Atari and so then of course we are left with "Why bother then?" and "Why dont you go play with your PC then?" I was trying to continue on with a line of thought which expressed why a person "might bother"; sighting Atari as hobby enjoyment. But I am not putting down TLW and there is no reason to defend it. I agreed with FJC that a Word Processor could be a "killer app" especially to those that do word processing on the Atari (somewhat niche), and already do not have a favorite application for this purpose (the niche grows in niche-iness), and/or have a requirement for the features unique to TLW (even smaller niche.) For this (now twice divided) niche group --- it surely is "killer." If, however, we will define "killer app" to include having wide-spread (and perhaps universal) appeal and/or adoption (which seems a justifiable assumption when using this particular colloquialism) then perhaps there is no "goal-post shifting" going on here. Fair? So as I said, I am not putting down TLW and so there is no need to paste its feature list here. I just wouldn't find myself often recommending that one run out and do a hardware upgrade so they could use it. This is due to the general interests of the amount of Atari users I have come in contact with. As suppliment, for the writing chores that I wish to do on Atari I have applications I like more so far. The tasks my applications cannot perform I do not want to do on Atari because inevitably the Atari becomes the wrong tool for me. Also as I approach this level of complexity the length of a document usually grows and there is only so much typing I am going to do on any Atari keyboard at one time. You are working on the wrong OS, with the wrong configurations, or with the wrong tools. When drafting documents for work, my computer can loose power and I loose none of my data... even if I don't click "save." Yet, regardless of modern features and cloud improvements - as hardware reaches the age of my Atari, chances of it turning off due to simple hardware failure grows and might edge out the Atari for that "most reliable" word processing award. I have computers that I use that are nearing 8 years uptime. That is sufficient time to get through most word processing chores. All Engineers have ADHD I swear! Anyways, we have entered the realm of justifying the Atari as the "superior at least in some ways" platform. If you want your modern word processor to work as a single app in some sort of kiosk style mode that would be easy to accomplish on modern hardware. ...and I can't wait to play around with it when you do. The fact that you can build things like this is awesome. Thank you for giving me these things to play with. Yeah now we're talking! More than any particular application I upgraded my hardware to have an ecosystem to advance the opportunity to play or work with my Atari.
  10. Yeah, I get it. My point, was that its as much about the observer as the thing. aka The "temple of atari" was built in the year whatever, burned in the year whatever, and so the building had to be rebuilt in another area on another date. Some would say its a new temple. Others would say, there has only ever been one "temple of atari" and there it is! Watts, to my recollection, made the strong argument that, where a person falls between these two camps had a lot to do with their culture, upbringing, and social norms. He used the example in a grander context of getting people to think outside their closed view of what "is." On a forum with international reach I thought it could be relevant? We can speak the same language and understand things completely differently. Arguments devolve usually, discussions evolve sometimes. It doesn't necessarily have to be the former. I have less time and experience here at atariage but some searching shows me that some people feel strongly on the topic; tempered by the occasional observer who pipes up to say something akin to "it doesn't matter, think whatever you want." My turn ---- Please think whatever you all want. It doesn't matter. (But obviously the way I think is right and the rest of you are wrong!!!) LOL.
  11. Wholeheartedly agree. I tend to be less interested in the Atari as a gaming platform though. When I first got back into Atari I really wanted to check out TLW. My opinion is that TLW is to Atari, as a jackhammer attachment is to a dremel tool. Face it.... you want to see it work! You want to play with it! Its impressive. But I can live without it. Its a killer accomplishment more than a killer app. I will probably not use it to jackhammer through my word processing chores but find it neat to demonstrate what the hobbyists are doing in this space. --- And that gives me my answer. I think the killer "application" is having the memory resources to participate with others in this forum. It doesn't matter if its a demo, a game, a cart image banking in RAM vs ROM, productivity software, or a pre-emptive multi-tasking porn organizer / randomizer (tm). If someone here can dream it up I will probably want to play with it and marvel at the creativity. This is my hobby. It enables my hobby. I have had a "killer" time with it.
  12. No need. I found it fascinating how Alan Watts in "The Book" discusses how "Eastern" peoples are raised under different social constructs and understandings. In his example I think it was a temple which had been burned, destroyed, and re-located. It was difficult to get the locals to understand it was NOT the same temple. Of course it was. Anyways - I thought the Ship of Theseus was about replacing all the parts more than altering or adding on to the ship. My dinner fork --- I can replace all the tines... and later replace the handle... but adding a flame thrower might make it less a fork.
  13. Now that you are out of bluetooth mode - if you attach logs it will now give us more information to try and help you.
  14. Just a note back on the PSU issues. I made a quick study of USB based power supplies with the Atari and I can tell you that MOST cell phone power supplies were not capable of outputing what was written on the case. I have wall-warts that claim 1.9A that can barely do 1.1 etc. Something like this can be very helpful https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07PWC7YMT/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&th=1
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