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  1. If you are just looking for games - I think they are all available as XEX (binary like exe, com, etc.) --- The S-Drive and the Unocart should both be able to load XEX.
  2. I purchased the S-Drive Max and it is very functional. I just recently purchased the Uno Cart: https://github.com/robinhedwards/UnoCart I believe the Uno-Cart might better fix the OP. If there are any left they were on sale here: https://thebrewingacademy.com/products/atari-xl-xe-uno-cart As far as loading disk images from cart or pbi --- I have noticed that all these new devices reach what seems to be a technical limitation. As put eloquently in one of the manuals for the IDE+ 2.0 (http://drac030.krap.pl/ide-plus-config-screen-reference.pdf) (Regarding disk image compatibility) "some programs use own serial I/O routines instead of calling the OS to perform the I/O – such programs will not work" So buy both. Collectively the S-Drive max and the UnoCart it will extend the functionality far beyond just game rom playing.
  3. I bought mine from: https://thebrewingacademy.com/collections/atari-800-xl-xe-xel-xld/products/atari-sdrive-max As you can read it comes with a USB cable to provide power. The included manual goes into some detail on power. I won't re-enter it here. I will sum up - USB should be just fine.
  4. I was the only person with an Atari computer growing up in my little neck of the woods; which actually makes the nostalgia worse. Not only was it part of my childhood, but it was uniquely so; uniquely mine. It has always felt that way. Even now working in computer-based fields for 20 years I have never met another person professionally who owned one. Years ago I stumbled across the emulators but didn't have enough time. It was this year, 2019, when I finally decided that I should actually own my first computer again. I don't know what kept me away really but I do know that it was actually this forum that made up my mind. I found this forum when looking for more information about purchasing my Atari. I went to craigslist and found a 800xl, 1050, and a bunch of software for sale locally and had the opportunity to be the second owner. Over the last few months I have picked up a handful of mods from the members here and tried a ton of new software... maybe there is a novelty which will wear off? To answer your question - yes, as I got older, and I am really enjoying myself. Thanks everyone!
  5. LOL! I just bought a video cable from 8-bit classics, and AV2HDMI from amazon, and an SDrive-MAX from The Brewing Academy. I've watched a million youtube videos (mostly all members here) and have compiled a wish list of different mods. I have an Atari bookmarks folder filled with resources. I even made sure I was purchasing a socketed board. Point is, all the above came from this forum. This was the reason I bought the computer; neh, had to buy this computer. I think its fantastic. Right now I am leaning most towards having those things I could not attain or afford when I was a kid (modems, hard drives, multiple disk drives, a copy of AtariDOS 2.5 .) .... Perhaps I will get that s-video working.... very exciting!
  6. My first post - so before I begin, I think this community is just awesome! Thank you all very much for your contributions. So a few weeks ago I decided I simply had to have the old 800XL back again. (My original one went into the bin when I was of at University.) I decided to buy locally so I could inspect the hardware and found an 800XL, a bunch of original documentation, a 1050, and a handful of carts and disks. Running this old equipment really hit a soft spot for me. I brought it home, ran all the internal tests, tested everything else out, showed my kids what computers used to be like, and pretty much played with everything for 3 or 4 days. I disconnected everything from the family television and moved it into my office and then the computer would not power on. No power light, nothing. Extremely disappointed I turned to the Internet for advice. I did not find steps to fix my problem so I thought I would put the details here for the next person. It seemed that everywhere I searched for this specific problem I found three pieces of advice: 1. Make sure you don't have the "Ingot" power supply, 2. Make sure that the power supply is giving you 5V on all the appropriate pins, 3. You probably have bad RAM. I did not have an "Ingot", I was showing 5V on all the pins, and bad RAM made no sense to me. I took everything to a friend of mine who does electronics for a living. He explained that the power supply really should be tested under load. He popped the top of the case, connected the power supply, monitored on the actual pins for the power connector inside the board, and watched the amperage drop. The issue was the power supply, even though it measured 5V. We chopped up the PS (thought about repairing it but would have had to crack the plastic somehow) and made added a usb connector to one end. My phone charger was added later and I was back in business. --- I hope this helps the next guy doing the same searches I was doing. I got my 800XL for Christmas back in '84. All I knew of BASIC at the time was the few lines of sample code included in the manual. From these examples (and a bunch of trial and error) I kindled a real love for this computer. My family was broke but a wealthier family member purchased the computer for us along with the IndusGT disk drive and the 1027 printer. (I didn't know how lucky we were.) In the end this system sparked the excitement around computers that lasted until today where I work as an IT Architect. When I got this replacement box it really hit me. I don't care if it just decorates the office desk, or if I mod the thing 20 times. I am just very glad I own it and that I found like minded people. Cheers.
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