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  1. Thanks for the link. I tried it, and SD Sorter did alphabetize on the Flashback menu. But, now the Flashback SD Card menu "starts" the "A" games on screen 64 (of 87 screens total) instead of on screen 1 like it did before. I tried restarting the FB9 and reloading their initial software install, too. Just for the heck of it, I reformatted the card and reloaded all the games - and now everything's sorted out.
  2. Hi all! I've got a working Flashback 9 with a working SD card. My question is: When I add new games to the SD card, the new games appear to alphabetize on the PC, but they don't alphabetize on the FB9 console. Is there a way to clean this up? (Do I have to start over and reformat/reload the SD card each time?)
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