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  1. Do you think any Atari-created character would ever get into Smash?

    1. ClassicGMR


      The hero from Adventure!!!

  2. If Dracula Hunter truly did get found, where is it? Did the rom go unreleased or is it only compatible with some obscure Japanese emulator that no one's heard of?

  3. God I really hope Dracula Hunter gets found by this year, that game's probably the holy grail of Japanese arcade games at the moment.

    1. schuwalker


      It's been found. Do you mean released in MAME????

    2. ShadowMan44


      What do you mean found? As in the original arcade board?

  4. Well it turns out the purchase I made was cancelled because they were "out of stock", I have zero clue why this happened so I decided to buy another copy that was like 35 dollars, I think this game's starting to hike up in price.
  5. "Star Ocean: 2nd Story", my sister introduced me to this game on the PS1 and I decided to rebuy it on eBay. God I hate autobidders.
  6. From what I heard, Heavyweight Champ doesn't use a real rom so emulating it in MAME will be difficult. Dracula Hunter most definitely uses a rom and would be really easy to dump. What I wonder though is which version is more rare. What I mean by this is that I've seen 2 different title screens, one that has red Katakana with the game's title, and the more recognized screen with the green castle.
  7. Hey, now that you mention that, I actually wrote the article for that game on Lost Media Wiki! I didn't link my articles to the thread because I felt like it would be blatant advertising. But yeah it's interesting that Japanese arcades just use plain white cabinets, wonder if they use them because boards get switched out all the time...
  8. I'm brand new to this place, though I've browsed the forums before so I'm quite familiar with the site. Dracula Hunter is a game I've been fascinated with for the past month or so, even written an article on the Lost Media Wiki about it. Apparently the game got shipped out to the United States that saw practically no success, can anyone confirm this?
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