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  1. Helped me get a game into my collection that I’ve wanted for a long time! Was really awesome to communicate with, and packed and shipped the game very well. Would definitely deal with again
  2. That’s unfortunate that it doesn’t work. I would have been all over it. Did you find it in the wild? If so, it’s an awesome find, even though it doesn’t work.
  3. Yep. That was me. Ended up selling my copy back then, and have regretted it ever since lol.
  4. Any NES games (loose or CIB) that are of similar value to the Qbert’s Qubes. I’m not looking for any particular game at the moment.
  5. Bump. Also interested in trading it for NES stuff and original Gameboy stuff.
  6. Hello. I have a loose copy of Qbert’s Qubes (Atari 2600) available for trade. It has been tested and works. Mainly looking to trade it for other rare Atari 2600 games, NES games, and original Gameboy games, but I am open to partial trades too. Pics of the cart are attached below. Please PM if interested. Thank you!
  7. Bump. I’ve edited my list again.
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