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  1. I haven't been able to fix anything yet. I don't have an account on Ballyalley. How do I sign in?
  2. Yea I changed the TV channel to 3 and 4 along with the switch. I've also got it sitting on top of my ColecoVision so it doesn't sit on the carpet of course.
  3. No stupid questions, these are all the right questions to ask as I didn't even think about some of those variables. So I've got it hooked up to a CRT. Channel 3 and channel 4 give the same issue. And I just tried a fresh RF cable running from the console to the TV. Still black and white. On the TV I have a coax to RCA adapter to plug the RF cable into and the coax into the TV. and this has been the case on two different CRTs.
  4. Hi all, I recently got what I think was a pretty good deal on an Astrocade. It was in very good physical condition. Came with 20-25 games, so almost all of them, four controllers, most of the manuals and the BASIC cart. I'm very interested in digging into this system. I even made the leap of faith to buy it without verification that it works. I was lucky enough that it actually does! I can play all of the games... BUT It's entirely in black and white. I replaced the RF box inside the device with a new one and have the same result. All the games play fine, but there's absolutely no color. I've been working with some friends that are very handy with soldering on some other older systems so we are ready and willing to go in and check and replace parts. But I wanted to ask around first what people think the issue we should be looking for is here. I haven't been able to find any documentation or previous posting on an issue like this. Thanks
  5. Hi all, Long time follower. First time poster. I've just started building out my 2600 collection. I kinda worked my way backwards through Atari history since I've got just about all the Jaguar, 7800 and 5200 games I wanted to collect. Now I know the story of the SwordQuest series and I understand that WaterWorld is a very rare game. But honestly I need to know what the hell is going on when it shows up on eBay for $25,000. Whats the scam here? Surely no one will buy it at that price. I'm not even sure if Stadium Events for NES has ever sold for that much. And previous auctions all sold for less than $1,000. I guess I'm relatively naive to eBay scamming practices. I'd appreciate an education from folks that have been around the block longer than me on this. The "$25,000" auction for WaterWorld Previous auction price history
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