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  1. I did try going through the limited settings and could not find anything that seemed to help unfortunately.
  2. Thanks for checking. It was my TV. Guess it’s time for an upgrade!
  3. Thanks. You were right, it was the TV. I would have never guessed. Tried on my living room TV and had no issues. It’s surprising as they’re almost identical models.
  4. Wondering if anyone with a copy of this has tried it in on Inty 2 and if so, has had any issues with random deaths? My copy seems unplayable due to this and I don’t have another machine to test on.
  5. I’m pretty sure I have a CIB packed away somewhere if you’re still looking.
  6. Them fightin’ words 😂 My counter is whatever anyone else offers and I’ll throw in an original paper Canadian $2 which we all know is worth infinity 😎
  7. My box is just as nice, as are others I’m sure, and I only paid 299 just over a year ago. Think I’ll put that one in the safe now 😅
  8. Mine shipped March.9 and just arrived today to give you guys an idea of shipping time. These new Revolution boxes are really awesome!
  9. Same, if I had of got it, it would of ended up in storage with the rest of my hoard.
  10. The seldom seen Arabic Inty https://www.ebay.ca/itm/124651334462
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