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  1. Actually, I found it buried in my drawer. Knew it was somewhere close by. Now I just gotta find some time this weekend to play it!
  2. needs more Atari 2600 games...good thing the marketplace is only a click away!

  3. needs more Atari 2600 games...good thing the marketplace is only a click away!

  4. Hey, thanks for the welcomes. And yes, I should get right back into the Atari, however....stupid life keeps getting in the way! I seem to be unable to find one of the most important things to get the console up and running: The power adapter. I'm sure it's around somewhere...sigh. I have missed the console. And since I took such good care of it when I packed it away, it looks brand spankin' new. The fake woodgrain just shines in the light. -Steve
  5. Hi, folks. It's been awhile since I've been on these forums. Just wanted to say "hello" to everyone and to those that remember me from being here earlier. I still have my Atari 2600, a bunch of loose games (all in Atari 2600 binders from the day), and some boxed games such as Ms. Pacman, Berzerk, Defender, Asteroids, etc. As much as I've been playing the heck out of my stepson's Xbox 360 (Fallout 3), I'm hankering back to the old-school style of gaming. Now...I just need a place to set it up in my den, which is rapidly running out of room. I never parted with my Atari 2600, but put it away (lovingly, I might add) for another day. Looks like that day is here. I remember some previous posting about how you might put your Atari up for storage, but you always seem to come back to it. That couldn't have been better said! I have a light-sixer (Woody) and I have kept it wrapped and stored. I know it'll work again without even having to test it...these great consoles stand the test of time. Anyway...I'm back, folks. Time to start some Atari gaming goodness once again and relive a very memorable childhood with my old video game console. -Steve
  6. Sorry I haven't been here to check this. What did you come up with, CrazyClimber? My Gamestop is lame and doesn't seem like they'll ever get a copy in, used or otherwise. Grrrr..
  7. Hi, folks. I'm looking for a complete copy of Champions: Return to Arms for the Playstation 2. I recently purchased Champions of Norrath and my friend and I are enjoying the 2-player co-op, but realize all good things must end soon. So, if anyone has a copy of this for sale or trade, let me know via PM. Shipping would be to 05052-0058 (North Hartland, Vermont). Thanks! -Steve
  8. Got my copy of Space Invaders CIB for the Atari 2600 from him, and included was a great plastic case to store it in. Excellent shape. Thank you! I would highly recommend revolutionika for buying and selling!
  9. Found one, so topic closed, and please delete, mods! Thank you!! Steve
  10. Still looking and bump for Wednesday... Steve
  11. Hi, everyone. I'm looking for a complete Champions of Norrath for the Playstation 2. My local Gamestop doesn't have this game in, and probably won't be getting it back, although the chances of that could be slim. I would like the game complete with the instruction manual and original case. PM me if you have a copy to sell. My zip is 05052-0058 for shipping calculations. Thanks! -Steve
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