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  1. Good for a laugh. As for that video Atari uploaded, it's the exact same one from January (as @Flojomojo already pointed out, I see). Not just the video content, but the whole video listing. How the date is different, I'm not entirely sure (probably can be screwed with in the settings, though I've never seen fit to try). Even my down-vote from January is still there (again, like Flo's - I wrote all of this before I saw his comment hiding between the others, dammit). Trust me, I'd love to click it again, but then it'd just give them one less. It's definitely the same video. Hard to tell, but they had two "working" units at D-Cave so... I guess it's a real, working unit. Doesn't really tell us much of anything. Even if it worked perfectly, it'd still be crap, and they're still just running Windows 10.
  2. I think I speak for everyone when I say: What a bloody mess. Also, we're in full lockdown as of tomorrow and the supermarkets can't even keep flour stocked, so no more tacos for a while, it seems.
  3. Sounds like it would actually require more toilet paper. Something you can apparently only get by fighting for it at Woolworths now. A surprisingly thoughtful article from Huffpost. Thanks for sharing. And yes, I think they might, though in their minds, disagreeing = trolling = bullying = a declaration of war (or perhaps war itself). Or my cat, who'll decide she'd rather play. With claws and teeth. That's pretty one-sided entertainment... Kinda like us laughing at VCS backers, I suppose.
  4. We know they're reading this thread and we haven't all thrown our money away to comment on IndieGoGo, so I agree that it's not really behind their backs... I thought he'd found my YouTube channel. Though he may have, since I chewed him out on YouTube too. I think he might have been the one who insulted me for it. As if I care what some goober thinks of my low-quality videos I made for fun. F1JV seems like the type you see on the evening news for some unspeakable crime. Dude is certifiably insane. But then again, that's like saying water is wet or that the sun will rise tomorrow. (Though you wouldn't know it with the mass panic lately). He needs to get help. It gets better though. Atari said they produced 100 pre-production units (with red, supposedly unfinished motherboards) to test their manufacturing process, then sent those to developers. That was in December/January, if I remember correctly. Then they did the "corrected" run with the blue motherboards approximately a month later. Another 100 units that they sent to developers. I don't remember if they said this outright but the implication was that they were replacing the first batch with the second batch. And now this would be a third exchange. So allegedly, Atari's (likely nonexistent) developers will have had three different models of dev kit by April. Within about four months. Which doesn't happen with dev kits because that would obviously be insane and unreasonable. So Atari are more than likely lying. And that's putting aside their whole spiel on Quality Assurance. I'm no expert on how QA is handled at factories, but their QA documents leave a lot to be desired. They seem very haphazard, almost as if they were thrown together just for this blog post. Which I'm sure can't be true because Atari aren't liars! I also find the wood grain stickers having quality problems laughable. It's just a sticker. How do you screw up the only two you've made?
  5. Yeah, okay, that's amazing, I need that. But only if I can get it in blue.
  6. I missed Taco Tuesday (we were out of lettuce), but I made it in time for Taco Thursday (even though it's now Friday here when I'm typing this). Okay, they're pretty basic, but they tasted damn good. Cajun chicken, lettuce, carrot, spring onion and the chilli sauce I showed previously (plus some cheese on one). Yeah, I'm not very exciting when it comes to salad things, but that seasoning is a whole other story. Not a huge fan of the standing taco shell thing they came up with, but I'll take what I can get. Next time, I need to make some soft taco shells. Or burritos. Or both.
  7. They should get Tay AI to do the press releases. At least it'd be entertaining.
  8. Man, some of those backers like F1JV and the Werner Bros. are just plain nasty, and that's not cool.
  9. I'm enjoying all the excuses that these stupid virus is giving people. So many overreactions. Atari appesrs to be claiming that they can't even send emails or place home calls because of it. Heck I'm pretty sure they said they were writing a new blog post for the end of last week - whatever happened to that? (Rhetorical question; we already know). Not that any of Atari's excuses matter. Atari, you can't delay something that doesn't exist. You're still in the prototype phase. They should have sold a taco recipe book instead.
  10. Partially kidding - the stupidity of people just never ceases to amaze me. Kind of like how Picard keeps getting worse with every episode. At some point, you just have to wonder what went wrong with humanity that we managed to get to this point. I don't have any love for Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft any more and certainly think all three have a lot of room for improvement, but I still don't think Atari holds a candle to them (as no reasonable person would). To be fair, some of them seem legitimately mentally challenged, which is what bothers me so much about this - some of these people are clearly being taken advantage of by Atari because they don't know any better, and Atari is all too happy to take their money. It's certainly concerning either way... Part of me wishes they'd ditch the Switch and go back to making hanafuda cards full-time though. I guess sometimes I just like the simpler things. I know they still make some, but they're scarcely available outside of Japan and certainly never over here. I got a box of taco shells yesterday, so hopefully I'll have some photos next week! I think we ate all the nice meat though so it'll probably be relatively boring but oh well. They're still tacos, dammit!
  11. That's fantastic. Now we have to make this real. Alternatively, every comments section of VCS videos. By the way F1JV, I want to be a taco when I grow up, not a buffoon. It appears to just be an interest check... which doesn't make much sense considering they've still got pre-orders open on their site as far as I'm aware, plus Walmart and GameStop. Funny thing about GameStop/EB Games though - you can literally pre-order something that doesn't (yet) exist. Most of them will happily take your money. So I guess you should go pre-order your 128-bit Atari Jaguar 2 right now. Seriously though, I don't know how people actually manage to delude themselves this much...
  12. It's pretty sad that people are still believing in and defending Atari at this point... I guess when in doubt, just call people evil hater taco trolls. I didn't follow the Spectrum Next project (though I'm hoping to get in on the next batch), but from my understanding, they were upfront with backers, were a small but passionate and dedicated team, and even managed to deliver original games for the system (with more in the works). And yet a (relatively) big company like Atari only has a prototype or two with which they're still stringing people along whilst showing no real progress for three yesrs, and now they're trying to con even MORE naÏve people into buying their overpriced, underpowered and guaranteed-to-cook-Itself PC. Keep in mind that the press release posted here yesterday discusses three other upcoming mobile games. So now that's four (or is it five?) upcoming mobile games from Atari (all of which sound terrible) and yet STILL not a single new game announced for the VCS.
  13. This really is beginning to look more and more like the Vega+ every day. A small amount of units that only some backers will get before the whole thing implodes? Looks like we're heading that way after all...
  14. Are you being sarcastic? I genuinely can't tell at this point.
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