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  1. mibe


  2. Due to no interest the carts have now been listed elsewhere.
  3. Some of them could have. Berzerk should have, but I have not found it. There's a lot of boxes to go through so at this point I consider them carts only.
  4. ​I have descided to let go of my loose carts. Not sure how the sale procedure works at Atari Age but hopefully it's ok to sell them here. This is the first batch. Some are NTSC and some are PAL. If interested in one or any of the carts, please let me know and I will find out about the system when possible. Give me an offer I can't refuse PAL... BMX Airmaster ​Kung Fu Superkick Miner 2049'er II Moonsweeper Moto Rodeo Road Runner Shark Attack Spider Monster (No label) ​Threshold ​Wall Defender ​ NTSC... Atari Video Cube Berzerk (Speak edition) Raiders of the Lost Ark Recue Terra 1 ​Spitfire Attack Swordquest, Waterworld Track o Field (repro label) Not applied... Unimex romcart ​Yoko romcart x 2 List updated 1 february.
  5. ​I've got the blue Action Pak. Is that actually rare? Would really like the other two
  6. ​After some investigation I have managed to find out that the other sticker says "Kaboom". ​No instructions in the box. ​Are the Scala boxes normally of a different color? ​I have attached a better Picture of the box.
  7. Hi, found Spider Monster a few days ago but not for some reason this one was sold by Scala. I have not found much info about this, none actually, an I asked a few 2600-gurus in Sweden and they have not seen this before. Any info? Does anyone else have this? It's probably PAL, since it was sold in Sweden (price tag still there). I also found the quite rare cart Rescue Terra 1 ​
  8. Getting rid of some stuff on eBay. Yoko Game Copier from CSK (Atari 2600) Dactar-Comp Computer (Atari 2600) Basic Keyboard from Dynacom (Atari 2600) As you can see, rare stuff to say the least Sending from Sweden. Shipping to all countries that it's possible to ship to. See more in the auctions. ​I'll be back... *signing out* ​eBay Seller: mibemibe
  9. Is it ok to *bump*? If so... less than 24 hours left and a lot of $1 bids If not... remove this reply asap.
  10. I have a few clones for sale and here is the first one, tested and verified The console is without the controllers or cables, just a loose one. I have tested it and it works fine. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 300856992160
  11. Update: I made a mistake putting out the Telegames games as NTSC. They're not, they are all in glorious PAL! Sorry about that...
  12. Some really nice games and some rather common. Some tatty and some mint. Mostly M Networks and Telegames...and that Italian game from Marpes! eBay Seller: mibemibe
  13. Yes, they are very nice and soon they're all gone Well, I have to define and refine...
  14. Found these brazilian games in my drawer, they are not happy in my home since I don't understand portugese - so they have to go. Also one Taiwan game with at strange little box. Click below for the games. eBay Seller: mibemibe
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