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  1. Actually, I don't know the sizes of the images, and they might change. I can definitely hack it in the makefile, but a cleaner solution within sp65 seems nicer. I'm writing a generic interactive animation system for the Lynx, and flipping the image around the center of images is used quite frequently. Maybe the question I should be asking is: Can you set the anchor/reference point of a sprite in code?
  2. Nice! One variation I'd like to see of the ax, ay option is to allow percentages as opposed to pixels. Something like -px50 which would automatically center the anchor point. I'm finding that you need to figure out the dimensions of the source image (say via imagemagick) before being able to use ax,ay effectively or a lookup table. Looking at the code, this looks like a relatively easy addition by supporting the new arguments and adding them to sp65/lynxsprite.c GenLynxSprite (). What is the process for extending sp65 and getting those changes officially approved?
  3. Hi Kari, To confirm, the -ax, -ay options refer to the reference point in the sprite, termed in sp65 as anchor point? So HFLIP and VFLIP will flip at those coords? Petr
  4. Hi All, Currently I use the tiny sprite editor PNG export, and then imagemagick (see below) to convert to BMP so it can be processed by sprpck. convert image.png -colors 16 -type palette image.bmp The problem, of course, is that the palette gets scrambled by the conversion but at least it generates an image that can be used by sprpck. I cannot get any of the export to text to generate anything visible (including Karri's above example.) How do you use the exported text to work properly?
  5. Got my two AgaCarts and it works awesome on my Lynx I. Very happy.
  6. Hey Jum! So I sent you the videos of me and Tank playing it on Brian's upcoming android emulator. Lot of fun and hard! Petr
  7. Ace! Two to the US please! I saw Karri use his at the PRGE and was suitably impressed.
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