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  1. thanks for the video. I went to the site and could not find the product. It looks very nice. I did not want an exact layout as the 64. Just an 80'ish style. Did they ever produce it?
  2. I was not sure where to put this. I posted this on another forum, but I thought this would be a good place also. So I have several vintage machines like many of you. Atari 800XL, Mac Plus,486dx, Atari st 520, c64, tandy coco 2 and others. I also emulate a few systems on my retro pi. I like my retro pi, but it never fit in with the other computers. So I thought it would be neat to make a case case for it that had a classic 80's feel. So the project is still underway. I just started it a few weeks ago. And have had very little time to do much on it. But here is what I have so far. No bottom yet. I have also included a picture of my c64 for size reference. Goals: Have it look like an 80's computer, with a little touch of modern housing. Cheap to build. Hold my retro pi, and all other need components. I am using the red dragon keyboard as it meets my modest budget. I started with a MDF inner base as a guide. I am using ABS plastics which is what I think many of the computers used at the time. Questions or suggestions are welcome.
  3. I purchased a 520st. The version with no floppy. So I am looking for a 354 and or a cable just like the title says. Thanks
  4. Well the price was right, and it works. I am not in a rush to get it working. I will take my time, and I'm sure a floppy drive will pop up eventually. Thank all I appreciate it. What about this? Would I need a floppy drive to get this going?
  5. Hello, I am getting into retro computers and never owned an Atari st when I was a teen. I owned a c64, and amiga. I never had the cash as a teen to get an Atari 520st. So I purchased one off ebay last week. It turns on, I get a screen. And the mouse moves. So now for the noob questions? Do I need an operating system? Or is what I see the built in TOS. Obviously there is no floppy drive icons as I don't have a floppy drive. But should I at least be seeing a trash can icon? I am still trying to source a floppy drive. Or some kind of third party hard drive hook up on the back. Thanks. P.S. I have taken pictures of what I see.
  6. So I very recently purchased and atari st 520. No floppy. And I want to try and connect a gotek through the floppy cable. Problem: the floppy cables seem hard to find, and even the standard(non standard) 14 din parts seem hard to fine. So what about DIY cable. Din portion 3d printed? Any thoughts? Anyone here done 3d printed connectors already? I have a 3d printer. And can source the pins. I just need to design or build a holder for it. There are several break away pin header like this from amazon. I think I would just need to design a 3d part that holds these in the proper arrangement https://www.amazon.com/s?k=header+pins&ref=nb_sb_noss_1
  7. That is just what I am looking to do. I can see how getting the correct pin outs would take time. I just bought a 520st myself and want to add a gotek. Hello fellow Utah person!
  8. I have a similar question. So my 520ST does not have a external floppy. Does anyone know if they still use the same main board as the version with a floppy. That is there a floppy pin connector ins the 520st even though there is not cut out on the side? If not what are my options?
  9. Hey folks, I finally purchase a 520st, but is has not power supply. I'm not even sure if the computer works. I plan to cobble a psu with atx power supply. But I don't know what type of din connector it uses. I know it is a 7 pin, but not sure what size? Any links, more info would be much appreciated. Thanks
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