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  1. Well, So The Amiga is better than the ST. The ST is better than the Amiga. I personally don't really care. They seem to each of had some benefits. Somethings the Amiga did better. And some things the ST did better. They both were better than almost anything else out there for the time. So I can't call anyone stupid for liking either one at the time. I just say if you own both. Enjoy both.
  2. So the spectrum is hard to get especially in the USA. So I would love to have one. Even if it's not the original
  3. The problem. The real hardware is getting old, and components fail. I mean the c64 gets you close to feeling like you are playing the real thing. So there is a place for it.
  4. So by now many of you have seen the released TheC64. I am hoping that it is really popular. So the company might be interested in moving on to another machine. The Atari ST would be a great option. I think anyways. Having the originals is great, but as they get old and older the harder it will be find ones that work. So a replacement while not the exact same thing would be nice. Your thoughts?
  5. I thought that it might take the same amount of time with a un-formatted floppy in. I did see the format option in the menu the other day. I just did not get to formatting one. I will try today though. And cleaning the heads is a good idea.
  6. I just want to say thanks to those who responded. It did indeed take aboout 40 seconds for the machine to boot up with the floppy plugged in. I only have 720k disks. I stuck one in and it gave me an error. It had not been formatted either. Can you format a 720 to a 360? Anyways. At least this confirms the computer detects a floppy. So I still may look for a 314 drive or try modding a gotek to work externally. Thanks again. I'm at least farther than I was. Until this I'll have to settle with my retropie hatari setup
  7. Good questions. I have tried both sockets. When I plug it into the (in) I get the led power then turns off. But computer does not boot(stays on a white screen). When plugged into the (out). Nothing happens, but computer boots. No RED led. I will have to put a floppy in and see what happens.
  8. I have power on the drive. The red light turns on, then off after a bit. But I think I can still here is humming.
  9. My quest continues to get a working 520st. So I plugged in my 354 drive. And anytime the 354 drive is plugged in the atari st will not boot to tos. It just stays on a blank screen. Un plug the drive and the system boots up.
  10. So when I said "I heard", I should have said I read. This site bellow makes the claim that some atari st machined could not read 314 without an upgrade. Perhaps this person need to be informed better. Or perhaps I'm reading it wrong. Thank for the help and info https://middlemanone.blogspot.com/2017/05/atari-sf314-sf354-floppy-drives.html So that is great news if mine can use a 354. I will keep my eye out for that one also. They are a little hard to come by. At least here in the USA. When I was just a teen I worked a computer store that sold the Amiga and Atari computers. Good times! I own an Amiga, but never did own an Atari ST
  11. I don't really consider it a bad purchase. Also I heard that the original 520st would not work with 314. Perhaps I was mis-informed. My final plan is to do something like this. So I can use the 314 as a shell. Well that is the idea anyways.
  12. So dumb question. And I used to know the answer 20 years ago. But I forgot. dd/dd floppy can be used correct? The atart 354 will just use one side and see it as 360k? Or am I mistaken.
  13. I purchased a Atari 520st. No floppy. So I have patiently been waiting for things to pop up at a price I could afford. First I got the cable, then the ps, and finally I picked up a external drive. No to figure out how to buy a few games. Or figure out how get games I can download onto a floppy disk. Are most games now legal to down load? Are most abandon ware?
  14. thanks for the video. I went to the site and could not find the product. It looks very nice. I did not want an exact layout as the 64. Just an 80'ish style. Did they ever produce it?
  15. I was not sure where to put this. I posted this on another forum, but I thought this would be a good place also. So I have several vintage machines like many of you. Atari 800XL, Mac Plus,486dx, Atari st 520, c64, tandy coco 2 and others. I also emulate a few systems on my retro pi. I like my retro pi, but it never fit in with the other computers. So I thought it would be neat to make a case case for it that had a classic 80's feel. So the project is still underway. I just started it a few weeks ago. And have had very little time to do much on it. But here is what I have so far. No bottom yet. I have also included a picture of my c64 for size reference. Goals: Have it look like an 80's computer, with a little touch of modern housing. Cheap to build. Hold my retro pi, and all other need components. I am using the red dragon keyboard as it meets my modest budget. I started with a MDF inner base as a guide. I am using ABS plastics which is what I think many of the computers used at the time. Questions or suggestions are welcome.
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