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  1. 1980s-1990s: Mythicon (All of their games sucked even though they only made three) 1990s-2000s: THQ (Almost every game they made was really frustrating to play) 2000s-2010s: Activision? (Cash cows, reskin after reskin) 2010s-2020s: EA (Similar to Activision but with microtransactions) 2020s-Present: ??? Just my opinion
  2. Yes, some Activision secondary games are just like "time trials" or do this this much times. Fancy graphics and good music should come second, gameplay always first. Who wants to buy a game all style and no substance?
  3. (kinda) unpopular opinion: It's a miracle both financially and technologically 1984+ Atari 2600 games even exist, as the console was designed to play primarily Combat like 2K games. It's amazing how games like Double Dragon and Dark Chambers can be made with stuff like multiple sprites, somewhat skilled AI, and recognizable graphics. Never mind the quality, the fact that they tried should be a merit in and of itself.
  4. In this post, make sure to drop some personal unpopular opinions about the 2600. It can be about the games, the console itself, the hardware, or even the company itself... I'll start... -Pitfall II is overrated (without the music, the game is just a far longer, more "underground" version of Pitfall-the motive is still the same: dodge bats and animals, collect treasure) -Most 4K/8K games are "better" than 16K games (16K games focus a lot on fancy graphics and music and all that, but 4K/8K games focus on making gameplay fun due to limited space) -Ray Kassar was the best fit for Atari (he helped bring it to relevance in 1979-1982, and created a lot of hit games- however, he was too authoritarian with his employees) And finally... - The great video game "crash" of '82-'83 wasn't that serious. You could still get new video games in '83-'84 from Atari, Activision... the reason so many companies died is because they just weren't innovative enough. People just lost interest in the 2600 eventually, and they wanted something new... and Atari didn't give them anything new (besides the 5200-7800), which is why they fell off so badly. These are just a few unpopular opinions, looking forward to hearing some really interesting ones soon.
  5. An upgrade sounds like a good idea. But the keypad controls (which are very hard to utilize) might be a problem for a true upgrade or a in-depth platformer.
  6. In my opinion: 1.) Solaris 2.) Demon Attack 3.) Missile Command (does it count?) 4) Asteroids 5) Megamania
  7. Atariperson23


    Really interesting game, Pengo would've been a great port if Atari had made an 7800 version of it in '86 or '87. The game looks really polished, will wait for release...
  8. Wow, it really is. It's been cancelled so much times I thought it would never actually get released.
  9. As stated before, none of these consoles really hit their potential, because of some really inept ownership by Kassar and Tramiel. It's a little surprising how Atari became a billion-dollar company with such ownership! I'd like the 7800 or the XEGS best though. The other ones... The 5200 had really sucky controls, The Jaguar was too hard to program, the Lynx didn't have too much original games, and the VCS has been cancelled over and over again.
  10. Try 7800 Ballblazer, it's one of the few games on the 7800 to use the POKEY chip, and it retains most of the graphics and gameplay of the original Ballblazer.
  11. They would've removed some features, hike up the price, make some low-quality old arcade ports for it, and give it some other name like the Atari Entertainment System
  12. This pirate is not the only one to rip off a famous company name: Here's a Thai/Taiwanese Activision cart for reference. kop.html
  13. I think this is some generic Taiwanese or Brazilian company, as Taiwan and Brazil seemed to have hundreds of generic pirate "companies" like this. How they replicated Imagic's cartridge I have no idea
  14. It's NOT the Imagic International Games label? Wow, interesting! Although wouldn't Imagic sue them for copyright infrigement for using their logo?
  15. I've always wondered...

    What if Ray Kassar was a less strict boss? If he credited his programmers and gave them high salaries and stuff like that? Would companies like Activision and Imagic still exist if he tried to satisfy his employees?

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    2. MrMaddog


      In other words, if someone in charge knew anything about software engineering and how gaming works instead of just someone who just want to make money for shareholders.

    3. SoundGammon


      Ray didn't believe in video games, he thought it was just a fad like the hula-hoop. Take the money & run mentality!

    4. Atariperson23


      Even though it was impossible, I feel like Nolan Bushnell should've remained the company CEO. He gave his employees decent salaries and was going to credit his programmers right before Warner Bros took over.

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