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  1. One thing that's always been bugging me is that Atari scores go to 999,999 and then rolls over to zero. Could it not process one million or something like that?

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    2. Stephen


      Be glad we're not limited to 9999 like Asteroids on the 2600 :)  Or 255 like the mazes in PacMan,

    3. GoldLeader


      That's why even though I score a million,...My score shows 1.





      Not sure why it sometimes shows 20, and my game only lasted 17 seconds, though ;)

    4. Rogerpoco



      A lot of games will even stop at that score count-I started calling any game that "stopped" at a certain score point "Nine Lining it"(even if it wasn't actually nines...). I think it stuck, at least with a few friends!


      I used a stack of quarters as a counter, to keep up with my rollovers on Burgertime(MAME), still have all seven!

      (Actually, eight...I was overly optimistic, I suppose...)


      On that game in particular-someone with a score of 1,000,001 points is going to tabulate on the games scoreboard as one point, so someone with a ten thousand point game would still have the high score...

      "Good" players would just play to the late 900k's, and stop playing, to get the top scoreboard spot on a machine.

  2. A prime example of "not all that glitters is gold".
  3. I don't think Salu would be the type of company to come up with something original, as most of their games were borrowed from Activision.
  4. Addictive Columns rip-off, pleasant 2D graphics, but grating music.
  5. Sorry for going a bit out of order... but my mind slipped a little. When your best days were almost two to three decades ago, that happens a lot. Anyways, if you've got something nice to say in the comments, say it. If you've got something rude and unreasonable to say in the comments... say it. Up to twenty minutes waiting for AI, bland and overpriced.
  6. Hello loyal viewers and even more loyal haters, this is my second installment (fancy word for s**tpost) of Atari 2600 reviews in 10 words or less, written specifically to make you cringe and ask what this world is coming to. And now, brace yourselves for my plainly awful and horrendously-written Adventures On TRON review. (WARNING: DO NOT READ IF YOU WANT TO KEEP YOUR SANITY) Climb floors, jump enemies, collect stuff. Really repetitive but addictive.
  7. Hi guys, this is a new experiment i'm trying, to review games with ten words or less. Feel free to give suggestions and constructive criticism. (Don't go overboard, though) Sluggishly executed, one-dimensional audiovisuals. Monotonous gameplay. What a mess.
  8. If it wasn't bad, the crash of '83 might've been avoided...
  9. China Syndrome? The premise is cool, execution is agreeably lackluster but not awful.
  10. Maybe it learned from the Sancho/Froggo games...
  11. Is this Motocross Racer? Plays more like Enduro than Spike's Peak.
  12. There's something long sticking out between the people's hips: I wonder if this was an unreleased Mystique/Playaround game...
  13. The worst part is the 1 life. For such an involving genre (Centipede-genre) most people will at least lose 1 life. If they had made even two lives, I feel like that would be more sufficient for my enjoyment. As it stands, it's far too hard and short and not as fun.
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