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  1. I doubt you'll get a keyboard. Curt Vendel is still working on his prototype keyboard interface. Someday the keyboard will be avail for the 7800...Otherwise I don't think the one they have a pic of is even a working proto. I think it is more of a Mock up. As to my knowledge. I have learned what I have learned simply by reading everything I could about Atari and the systems on the web. I have to admit that the Nexus and AtariHQ were largely responsible for my education concerning the Atari systems. As for writing a book...hehe..I don't see what information I can provide that hasn't already been covered in numerous other sources already. Besides I don't care to read books much less write one. Afterall, reading a book takes away my time from my Heavy Sixer and Ginger units waitining on me...hehe
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