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  1. I would have if I´d know of one nearby. So far my trusty Philips has never let me down and the Atari reception looks promising enough. But you are right. I thought I´d just get a composite mod done but if that fails then I´m still in the dark. Still, wouldn´t a working game suggest that at least the CPU is ok? Thanks for the reply, Bram.
  2. Hello everyone, I´ve just acquired my first Atari: a 2600 six switch from Hong Kong, looking clean and with 10 games. Hooked it up by RF to my older Philips LCD screen which I also use for other consoles using RF. It picks up the signal well enough but it´s the black screen.. Sound is great though and I can play Pacman for example by feel and the other games make all the proper game sounds as well. I´ve resoldered the boards, replaced the 2200 and 4,7 uF capacitors, cleaned cartridges and the holder, cleaned the IC´s pins and sockets, but with no change. So I guess I´m switching IC´s. I´ve been reading through many of the threads on the subject here but one aspect that may help narrow it down is not mentioned: Which IC is the likely culprit, if any, when you can still play the game and have crystal clear audio? Greetings, Bram, the Netherlands.
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