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  1. Does anyone have experience with these controllers? I got two for 40.00 that price includes shipping. Are they worth that and any good on the coleco?
  2. Amazing work, cant wait until my atarimax ultimate sd arrives so i can play these homebrews over 32k
  3. Just a curious question. How long in general does it take for one to receive the Atarimax ultimate sd cart? I ordered mine last week and am just wondering. I can't wait to receive it!
  4. So I soldered the audio to pin 7 and I have sound! I don't plan on using the Atari module so I'll leave it there. I only plan on using the super game module. Thanks for the help!
  5. Just a thought, is it possible the issue is the wire? Most rca cables are thick and the wire that came with the mod kit is not as thick.
  6. Ok. I'll give that a try when I get home from work. Let's say I don't get sound from pin 7 when i temp solder it, what would i check then?
  7. I tried tapping it on that 2nd pin as well. No luck still... I am baffled at this point why I wouldn't get sound. Should I solder it to that pin or leg? Right now I am just touching the tinned wire to it.
  8. I have tried tapping the sound from pin 7 on the sound chip and the left leg of c88. I am simply touching the wire to these points as I do not want to solder until I know I get sound. Should i try to just solder it to c88 or pin 7? The rca is grounded with the video on the ground in the rf box. Should I ground it separately?
  9. Ok I need some help. I replaced my sound chip on my colecovision and still cannot get sound from pin 7 on the chip. I soldered a socket in and put a new sn76489an in. Testing the DC voltage on pins 5 and 6 I get 3.75. Testing AC on pin 7 it fluctuates from 1 to 3. This is all tested with the power on and frogger running. Any suggestions? I am running the retrofixes av mod.
  10. Writing my files stating at the 8000 line works perfectly!
  11. My SGM is arriving on Monday and i was trying to see if there is any PCB out there that i can write to my own eeproms for the games i have downloaded. Can anyone point me in the right direction to get such a PCB?
  12. Is there a pcb for larger games as I am getting my sgm next week. I have tried doubling my roms and it still doesn't work. Someone suggested start writing at line 8000h?
  13. I use this board and it was put on a 27c256 eprom chip. I am also trying to figure out how to use W27C512 eeprom on these instead.
  14. I have this pictured homebrew player. Works great with 27c256 eprom but I want to use the W27C512 eeprom. Is it possible? Also will I be able to use this player for the super game roms? Yes I have the sgm.
  15. I started burning binary files of coleco games and am able to play them just fine on my PCB. the issue i run into is i have a few .rom files of homebrew games, for instance the pacman collection and i tried renaming it to a .bin file and burned it without success. Do i just load them on as the .rom or is there a different way to do this?
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