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  1. Early on this wasn't the case. consoles were getting cheaper to make after the early 80's then shot up again after the early 90's. Also Sega issue in the 90's was that their software wasn't making money either not just console margins, they also added to the cost by slapping in another processor, the Dreamcast had to be launched by a loan as a result.
  2. Not really. Look at the games Sega brought over late Genesis, Saturn, and Dreamcast, many of those games were did modest or flopped in sales, and the few series that were popular in arcades didn't translate well to attracting home console buyers, or if it did, only for the first game in that "series" if they made sequels. I do believe though if they brought more over they may have found more appealing big hitter ips Not guarantee but outside of Sonic they really didn't have anything as big and Sonic was declining in sales each entry from the first game, and any series that did start out strong ended up the same.
  3. They rarely brought games from the weaker arcade hardware on either, there are tons of Arcade only Sega games never brought over or where brought over years later on other systems.
  4. Considering the system it was on, the year it came out, and the controller made for it, I just figured most people would assume it was worse outside rabid fans. I can't go back and play that game, yet I can go back and play Gex 3D.
  5. Brah, later levels in Sunshine are basically basic backgrounds and more flat colored platforming than the stuff earlier, and some levels are shorter with less going on, definitely seems like the budget was cut, or at the very least they rushed it to meet the release date. I suppose the latter is more likely. I agree the design was very out of the ordinary for a 3D Mario game and even some other 3D games. I'd be curious if Nintendo would revisit the game and fix some of its issues in a remake like they did with Zelda on the Wii U.
  6. Several even lower power arcade games could barely run on the Mega Drive. There were only so many games they could bring over.
  7. The actual answer is that Sega wasn't really a strict competitor in the home system space. Sega consoles were more like hubs for Sega games, and popular titles would be placed on other systems or licensed on other systems (like whem hudson remade Wonder Boy III for TG16) It wasn't until curiously, Sega of Americas aggressive marketing when Sega started spending a lot more on the home front and started being more fierce as a competitor. Amplified by the overseas success of Sonic and later MK.
  8. If you're an Atari fan $30 for many original games is a freaking bargin.
  9. One could actually debate this to be honest. Especially after 91. There were parts of Sunshine that seemed decent among everything seeming, well broken, and there were some good ideas, it wasnt the massive don't listen to feedback, let's make everything worse each entry, that Sonic was going through from 2002-2006, but yeah that game had a lot of issues, but even then it was somewhat playable until later on where I have no idea what happened, ran out of budget, didn't care and slapped things together, or both in the last 3rd+ of the game. But the fact they acted in part that they cared to look over and polish the game somewhat is still an advantage of where Sonic ended up when you know the game isn't done and barely plays but you put it out anyway because fuck it, and then have an ending that pretend the events of the game never happened.
  10. All Main mario games on the NES were packed in at some point. I don't think this is the view point, Mario was pushed above many of Nintendo's own properties, and infamously, third party partners, but managed to retain that same younger audience over and over. Sonic wasn't really dumbed down, it was a better looking and faster Mario with the edge which attracted the older kids and teen demographic. That's not really dumbed down as much as being flashy and impressing people. The biggest issue I've seen with Sonic back in the day was that they didn't really change it up. Sonic 2 added some improvements and introduced some new problems but after that game you were basically playing the same game 2 more times, and Sonic CD felt like a random level generator with terrible design. Outside SMW, Mario did try adding or changing things in each game, sometimes at the alienation of certain fans, and Nintendo gave it complete attention and polish, at the expense of other developers. Mario has had games with problems and bad design, more than some fans will admit, but Mario has and likely will never have a Sonic 2006 tier mainline game. Or going even earlier, putting out unfinished spin-off racing games like Sonic R. Sega treated Sonic more like a flashy brand to ride on than the core of their companies vision. Just looking at the Genesis games it seemed clear Sega thought they could just consistently ride Sonic 1 sales each entry and it ended up not happening.
  11. No Because Adventure Island never came out on the PC Engine until 1992 and that was New Adventure Island. Bravoman was released in Japan a bit earlier than Bonk and would cater to the teen crowd and older kids, which Adventure Island wouldn't anyway. Adventure Islands main audience, whatever amount, was already on NES and one late game in 1992 wouldn't make sense to bundle and/or mascot when NEC was already stabbing themselves by that time. Also, there was another "Adventure Island" that came out earlier but it was NA Dragons Curse which was the Hudson remake of Wonder Boy III, but in Japan it was called "Adventure Island" for some reason. But not the same series you're mentioning.
  12. I think rebuying it, or for those who didn't have one, buying it for the first time in 2020 is ultimately pointless. Especially the printer paper which I've read seems to die over time even new in box. Same with the save capabilities of the cart itself which was apparently more unreliable than regular game boy save batteries.
  13. Bomberman came out late for the TG16 though and was already on other consoles before then. I think the issue really is NEC fumbled the PC Engine really fast starting in 1991 so any late mascot late 1990 or onward would run into problems. The Mascot would have to have been earlier to get around that. I suppose the closest to a mascot other than Bonk that's early enough and stylized would be Berahbohman/Bravoman but making a third party game a mascot would be rather uh, crazy. Then again I guess Sony did that, unofficially.
  14. The printer went for a higher than expected price but also they seemed to have been given lower shipments than the camera carts themselves. The bundles that include both are even more rare. Not sure if it was much different in Japan from what I've been researching on forums, although it seems some hobby and computer shops had the printers there. I think the big thing is it may have released too late, I know there was a year delay and they had more plans for games that didn't end up happening.
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