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  1. did a good eight hour refurb/mod session on Saturday night with a Lynx 2 that I got for a bargain on eBay - the old LCD was playable but degraded/degrading, so a good candidate for a new LCD. Changed the MOSFET, Zener, all the caps(zzz), and then installed the BennVenn LCD with the Atari Gamer frame, using the Ivory Tower, Mr Lurch, and Atari Gamer guides for advice. Happy to report it all worked a charm, first time. 15cm is definitely a good length for the wires to connect from the LCD PCB to the Lynx PCB. Even better: spent a good couple of hours buffing away with Novus polish and the screen protector is almost good as new. I do like the adjustable brightness/scanline feature, but feel a bit sad that the brightness dial is now redundant.
  2. my AgaCart arrived today - very pleased, it's a really nice piece of kit - happy that I can finally play the homebrews, demos, unfinished projects etc. I consider 50 quid a real bargain! thanks so much @rj1307 👍
  3. I'd be interested in one of these, please add me to the list!
  4. thank you both for the answers - reassuring to know that installing it the wrong way round isn't a disaster. Happy to report the Lynx is still working with a new MOSFET and Zener. Now to switch all the caps... Becoming very attached to this Lynx 1, which I picked up for just over £30 on eBay. It's certainly not mint, but is in pretty good shape for its age.
  5. I have the console 5 voltage tune up kit for my (working) Lynx I. About to switch out the mosfet and zener diode, but I am unsure what direction to install the zener. The zener in the kit is a through hole with an orange body and black tip on one lead. Should the black tipped lead (cathode?) be pointing towards the TP19 as per the Lynx II? Obviously I don't want to install this the wrong way round so would appreciate advice.
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