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  1. Wormhole 2000 - Just recd my NEW cart number 86 from Alex Von Knorring......I must say I like this game....a lot! Classy old skool fun in the gyruss genre!Nice sound tracks & good solid animation - enemies are crisp & attack patterns fairly unpredictable! Well recommended! Nice one Alex! It comes in a green cart with no box or instructions so I made up a box & sent it over to Alex who replied as follows; Alexander von Knorring Sun, Oct 4, 7:51 PM (15 hours ago) Hello Martin, Yes, I am quite impressed by your effort to make a box for the game. I like your interpretation of the player spaceship. Box design attached - use if you wish - don't if you don't....... cheers Mart ps box can be purchased from John @ HACK TO THE FUTURE here; www.etsy.com/uk/listing/862680864/atari-jaguar-wormhole-2000-custom-box?...
  2. While playing thru my avp beta I came across these dodgy looking fellas.......
  3. sad to see yet more negativity.....i thought your previous apology may prove a tad hollow...as I said just a bit of fun....hey ho!
  4. mart


    No probs m8.....I've done one 4 Kobayashi too.....it is what it is.....a bit of fun - yes? Keep up the good work tho! cheers Mart
  5. Hi - here's a box I've put together 4 the cart of this lil gem...... Mart
  6. mart


    Here's my box design for rocks off! Enjoy....
  7. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/133466816212 says it all really.....cheers
  8. After much twiddling I'm pleased to say that following Lawrence's LED Dragon Keep cart my solar powered dust cover cart is 99% finished.....
  9. Yep special order via email to John!
  10. Does anyone know IF there any plans to port this rare ST game to the Jag?
  11. New labels with ALPHA / BETA variants - use if you like - don't if you don't ta..... New box design in prog! Cheers Mart
  12. REPLACEMENT BOXES If you are looking for TOP quality - lightning fast - ten for £60 deal - go here; https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/DangerousGames I've been collecting - buying selling Jag stuff since its launch in 93/94 & can honestly say Johns boxes are the best I've ever recd. Pic attached of my TEN box deal just recd - awesome highly recommended! cheers Mart
  13. For those of you considering spending $75 + import for this TOP game BE WARNED - as my ten year old son found out while playing LLAMATRON - at points when you get zapped the game shouts at you; OH F~CK this has ruined it for him (and me)..... Ive messaged ATARI AGE as there is NO Profanity warning etc & thats NOT OK.... Such a shame.....Great game RUINED by swearing...... EMAIL below - no reply received! Mart Hi Ive recd my games thank you - these are for me & my ten year old son to enjoy together! Imagine my surprise when LLAMATRON said to him upon getting zapped OH [email protected]!! He was NOT impressed nor am I as there is NO graphic language warning anywhere & now we can't play it as when he dies the game swears at him.... $75 for a gr8 game RUINED by profanity...... I would like a REFUND please & would suggest you put an 18+ or graphic language warning on the boxes....... regards
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