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  1. For those of you considering spending $75 + import for this TOP game BE WARNED - as my ten year old son found out while playing LLAMATRON - at points when you get zapped the game shouts at you; OH F~CK this has ruined it for him (and me)..... Ive messaged ATARI AGE as there is NO Profanity warning etc & thats NOT OK.... Such a shame.....Great game RUINED by swearing...... EMAIL below - no reply received! Mart Hi Ive recd my games thank you - these are for me & my ten year old son to enjoy together! Imagine my surprise when LLAMATRON said to him upon getting zapped OH [email protected]!! He was NOT impressed nor am I as there is NO graphic language warning anywhere & now we can't play it as when he dies the game swears at him.... $75 for a gr8 game RUINED by profanity...... I would like a REFUND please & would suggest you put an 18+ or graphic language warning on the boxes....... regards
  2. Hi Just thought I'd post this up & see if anyone likes it / wants to use it.....I'm trying to fill the gaps in the overlays as it drives me nuts trying to find number 7 / whatever in the middle of something....grrr anyways - enjoy! Mart
  3. mart


    Nice work - any manual 4 this about?
  4. Hi yes - re you looking to sell the repro version? If so Im very interested! Well done on your purchase!
  5. Great purchase! Do u still have the repro BSG? Mart
  6. Just played this old gem...visually so tasty BUT no in game music (as per DooM) - has anyone ever found the music or come up with a patch.....loses so much without tunes.....lazy programming! Mart
  7. Indeed we do....my son said its frustrating lol....superb quality all round! 10/10 guys
  8. Just got my copy of UWOL from Gaztee (cheers Gaz) - I'm very impressed! Beautifully packaged - great Artwork - lovely orange cart - Gr8 gameplay with loads of replay value! What a great time to have a JAGUAR with so many fantastic titles coming out! Keep up the good work guys! Mart
  9. mart

    Jag Boxes

    These arent designed by me (cheers Dr T) but Ive tweeked them for Carts......cheers Mart
  10. mart

    Jag Boxes

    cheers guys - mart
  11. are these still available? cheers mart
  12. mart

    Jag Boxes

    Hi - just posting some rep boxes I made up - hope u can use / like them... cheers Mart
  13. Hiya - where can I buy this on a cart guys? cheers Mart
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