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  1. After getting a HDMI adapter for my SNES I tried setting it up today for some All Stars action. Ran into a problem I’ve never had before. This is my original console (Classic SNES chunky) and I’ve used it randomly over the years with no issue until today. Got everything plugged in. Adapter is getting power. SNES powers on. Game loads. I press start, All Stars does the fade out sound and animation, and then black screen no video followed by reloading back to the start screen. This goes on for eternity. I've been looking at different troubleshooting videos and other threads but I can’t find any that have the exact same issue. I’m not sure if the issue is the game cartridge or the console because I only have one game for it. I’m leaning towards console because the game does load it just won’t progress farther than the start menu. Obviously, something isn’t allowing it to progress farther than that. Any ideas? I’m tempted to take it apart and clean the connectors, but thought I’d see if anyone thought it could be one thing over another.
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