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  1. Hey everyone, Just found out that the $20.00 coupon for anything over $100 has some catches. Most of us know already they can only be used once. But, there is another. The coupon can only be used by a buyer if they got the email from PayPal giving them the code. People who didn't get the code, can't use the code to get the $20.00. I was selling stuff on Ebay and listed the coupon code figuring everyone would be able to use it. I felt bad when the winner couldn't use it and ended up giving him $20.00 back.
  2. Just a heads up the shipping coupon doesn't work anymore.......it's expired. Sorry, I didn't notice someone else posted this.
  3. Just want to kick this back up to the top so others can see it. But yes, I used the 10% one and it worked fine. Will use the shipping discount very soon. As usual Mindfield always willing to help others.
  4. I have to agree with that. It would be great if AA did put an auction site together but it would be alot of work for them. At least we would know it would be run right.
  5. I have been using Yahoo & ebay. I use yahoo for items ebay will not accept on their site and also hard to sell items that I don't want to pay fees for on ebay. Yahoo has free listings and no seller fees on anything that does sell. The drawback on Yahoo is the light traffic. So, you can't depend on just selling there and make ends meet, but when used with ebay, and used with alot of patience for a sale, it works fine. They also accept paypal payments. Please check this link for items I now have up for auction on Yahoo. http://auctions.yahoo.com/user/cardsofhockey
  6. Hey Everybody, Now that Bid Pay is gone has anyone heard anything about the status of Google Wallet? Thanks!
  7. Maybe the package went postal, like some of the workers?
  8. http://cgi.ebay.com/Atari-2600-Pac-Man-Gam...1QQcmdZViewItem
  9. I used to work for those bad boys........before I quit. I'd rather declare a small amount of interest income than not get anything on my money and let paypal get it. The can of worms only happens when you underreport income by at least $50 worth of tax. I don't think that will happen here.
  10. I have been receiving interest too, but I have the money market hooked to mine. So, I would suggest that everyone sign up for the money market and receive 4% interest on their balance, instead of letting PayPal get interest. btw, I do have a business account.
  11. Looks to me that anyone who doesn't have their PayPal balance linked to a money market account, will be allowing PayPal to receive interest on their balance. I copied and pasted for all to see. Interest on PayPal balances Notice Date: November 30, 2005 Effective Date: January 19, 2006 PayPal currently does not earn interest on U.S. Dollar balances in your PayPal account. PayPal does earn interest on balances in other currencies. As an international payments provider, PayPal is standardizing its cash management process to be consistent across all geographies and currencies. Therefore, effective January 19, 2006, PayPal will have the option to earn interest on U.S. Dollar balances (other than balances in the PayPal Money Market Fund). This change will not affect the manner or timing in which PayPal processes your payments. PayPal users in the U.S. can have the option of earning a return on balances held in their PayPal accounts through participation in the PayPal Money Market Fund.
  12. I've had one nonpayer. What I am getting is people trying to get refunds for rediculous reasons. Like the box of the system has a crease or is not perfect. I have tightened up my refund policy. Also getting alot of nonpaypal payments.....I hope. Alot of them are still on their way. I guess it has something to do with the new holiday crowd coming to EBay. You know....that 15 second commercial they are running to draw in business for us?
  13. These type of tranactions are very upsetting. I had one recently where the guy wanted a refund, but wouldn't send the item back that he said was junk. If it's junk, send it back, don't expect a refund and not return it. Where do these people come from? He left me a negative as he threightened (where is the spell check?) to do if I didn't send him the refund. I asked him if he bought an item at a store and wasn't happy, would you go to the store and demand a refund without bringing the item with you? He was just a scammer. Too many of them. They tell you you will receive negative feedback if you don't give them a refund.......such fun. Has to make one wonder if the EBay feedback system should just be done away with being that EBay does nothing about this type of stuff. I have seen more and more people going private even though they have great feedback. Anyway, I got that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach and was ready to hang it up. Now, I just feel like my heart isn't into it. It only takes one. I know it has to have you upset too, Sean.
  14. I have had alot of Italian bidders and winners. No problems here. They are very nice to deal with and I have never had a claim where they claim the item hasn't arrived. So, as far as I am concerned, you should not worry.
  15. I had a seller send an Atari 7800 console in a bubble envelope.....it came in pieces. When I requested a refund he said on the message portion of PayPal, "first time in three years I had a problem shipping something in a bubble envelope".
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