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  1. 7800 Guy

    RetroN 77

    Just to confirm, the voice feature will work with this setup? Buying the Atarivox+ for just the save feature would be redundant as the Retron 77 already has save states.
  2. Good to know about the 8-bit games. I'm looking at getting a XEGS (my Atari obsession is growing fast!) I'm trying to stick with cartridges to force myself to play the games although it would be a nice savings to play the downloaded hacked versions after investing in a pricey trackball. It's looking like the Retron 77 will be my go-to for 2600 games because I seriously need the pause function and save states would be nice. Will a trackball work using the 2600-dapter on the Retron 77? I plan on updating to Stella 6. It seems that the version Video61 sells would add the most functionality because it has two independent buttons to use for 7800 games but they are showing out of stock.
  3. 7800 Guy

    RetroN 77

    Do they make an OTG cable with an extra input so you can use a keyboard along with the Atarivox+? Is that necessary or even possible?
  4. After getting a good deal on a pair of driving controllers with a free copy of Indy 500, it got me thinking about getting a Trak-Ball. I've been doing some research on the subject and it seems that no official games were ever developed for use in true Trak-Ball mode. I'm aware of the hacks and homebrews however. Looking at some of the prices for these things which are quite steep, is it worth it to get a Trak-Ball to use in joystick mode on games that had a track ball in the arcade just for suspension of disbelief? I watched a really good YouTube video which compared Missile Command in joystick mode vs true Trak-Ball mode and the difference seemed to be night and day. What is the experience like playing in joystick mode using these trackballs? Do you find that it's easier to just use a joystick or do you get a better experience by using the trackball?
  5. 7800 Guy

    RetroN 77

    Bookmarked. Thanks so much for the tips guys. I thought I might be SOL with the Atarivox+ so this is big win 😎
  6. 7800 Guy

    RetroN 77

    Would you mind posting a picture of the particular OTG cable I need? I was going to use the Atarivox+ on my 7800 but pausing doesn't work on 2600 games which led me to buy the Retron 77.
  7. I just bought a lot of 50 Atari games. One of them was Rampage and it cost significantly more than the others. I was considering leaving that one out but after looking it up on YouTube I actually like the look of it. It has this weird artsy look, hard to explain. Sure the 7800 version looked better overall and I really like the facial expressions on that one but there was just something about the 2600 version that was really appealing to me so I said, "what the heck" and got it anyway.
  8. Just bought Mountain King. I've heard so much about it but never played it.
  9. 7800 Guy

    RetroN 77

    Will Atarivox+ work with this after updating to Stella 6?
  10. I am in the market for a good quality set of paddle controllers and I'm not sure which ones to get. If the CX-30 Evolved uses two independent buttons what use is it? What games actually support that? I'm leaning towards the Best Electronics version with the gold contacts but the CX-30 Evolved would match my 7800 although I'm not a fan of the Pain Line™ design. My hand was cramping just after a few minutes of playing.
  11. Greetings. I just bought a 7800 with the UAV mod installed. The picture quality is very good but unfortunately I'm getting quite a bit of ghosting. I would post a screenshot but it does not show in the photos. I do have a picture with the case off. I'm hoping maybe some of the experienced modders here can offer some ideas for a solution. I have it connected to a 2006 model Philips Ambilight through S video. It is an older TV but it has very low hours. There is also an issue with Activision cartridges not fitting into the slot. Any help would be much appreciated. I tried doing a search but couldn't really find the answers I was looking for.
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