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  1. Thanks for the recommendation, will try to get as many as I can, really love this little machine from Atari. Gustavo
  2. I really do like Chips Challenge, would like to get Blue Lightning, Xenophobe, Shadow of the Beast, Rampart, Paperboy...... I wish!! In Bogota theres a few or non consoles or games unfortunately so eBay i guess.... Gustavo
  3. Hi guys, I recently bough an Atari Lynx II, pretty happy now despite I just got two games jejeje, looking for more but they are very expensive in comparison the GG, even trying the get the SD HQ and more accessories, what a wonderful machine and no love..... Next in the line a Bennvenn LCD, recap, etc. Regards from Bogota-Colombia Gustavo
  4. HI, please add me to the list as well. I've got a Lynx II Zip 33195 Gustavo
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