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  1. Yeah a few targets by me have them in stock for retail too. Brickseek is worth checking for your area for stock. I was able to do in store pickup and get one with no issues. I saw 4 on the shelf when I went back and got games too.
  2. Just wanted to update that I got everything safe and sound! Great guy and great communication. Thanks again!
  3. 3 posts on the forum, check. Pictures look like weird screen shots, check. Seller doesn't respond to questions or post price, check. Will you take western union transfer as payment? Can I overpay then you send me a check for the amount I paid over the price? I'm interested but i'm just waiting on the funds from my long lost Nigerian uncle who was a king it turns out. I'm about to have some serious dough to throw around.
  4. it's kind of rare, I think they were sold or given out for some World Cup promo in Brazil? That's why it has both the SFC and the SNES logo on the back of it. But no one in their right mind would buy it for that amount of money I would hope.
  5. So i'm confused, is Xenon 2 an ST port? With updated audio? I'm in for Last Strike and ReBOOTED regardless just trying to figure it out.
  6. Me being the buyer here, i'm not taking it as that. I think he's just covering his ass in case it doesn't show and I complain. Also for the items I bought he was very fair in pricing once you converted from canadian to US dollars. I compared his prices to ebay, and my local gamestore, and he was either exactly the same, or in most cases cheaper. So far i'm not worried, if I don't get the items, then him and I will sort things out. That's what Paypal and communication is for. No offense taken on my part and hopefully I get the games. EDIT: I have no idea if his other prices are fair, I only checked the handful that I was interested in.
  7. I regret not buying one on clearance forever ago. K-Mart i think it was had the system, AND the cd-attachment for $69.99 together. I remember playing AvP on the display model at Lechmere, and not being very impressed lol. Then a couple years ago I got into it, at the time collecting for it wasn't too bad yet, and it's a quirky neat system that i love for how terrible it is, and there are a couple solid games for it too. It's a fun system that when I had friends over before the pandemic we would always play it for laughs. Like watching movies that are so bad they are good.
  8. Solid TV! If i didn't have my 36" KV-36FS13 i'd drive to snag that one for free! Someone go get it! Is it light gun compatible?
  9. I'll jump in here, I have quite a few of their books, and have always been impressed. I pre-ordered this one as well and can't wait to get it!
  10. Hey all, I finally have come to terms that I won't ever be buying a Jag CD attachment. I bought these games a while ago thinking maybe it would be a possibility someday... The CD system has skyrocketed in price and it's just not gonna be a thing for me ever at this point. I'll add pictures later, they are all pretty damn near mint except for Hoverstrike, that box is a little beat up, the Jewel case, and everything inside are mint though. Baldies - CIB $35 Battlemorph - CIB $50 Dragons Lair - CIB $75 Highlander - CIB $75 Hover Strike - CIB $60 Space Ace - No cardboard box, but complete with manual in original jewel case. $60 Buy it all - $300 Prices are US dollars, shipping won't be much in the lower 48 so i'll work with you and/or split shipping in most cases. A local gameshop offered me a decent amount for trading them all in so I priced them as such. Obviously i'm willing to work with anyone on pricing if i'm way out of line on any game.
  11. Very excited for this, don't mind having to buy box/manual separately from Gaztee. Waiting for his response though so I don't end up having a loose copy and a boxed copy haha.
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