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  1. OK, that makes sense but is there any recourse for that kind of thing? I feel like if that were the issue, the controllers junk at that point. Also, thanks for your reply.
  2. This is the Sears Arcade System II controller (American version of the Japanese exclusive 2800). Does anyone have any experience trying to fix these controllers? In my case, everything works fine, except that you cannot turn left. All other directional buttons work as do the two triggers. I took it apart and there doesn't appear to be any difference (appearance-wise) with the button on the board. It also feels exactly the same as when depressing other buttons on the board. The wire connecting to the board doesn't seem loose and is indistinguishable from the other wire connection on the working buttons. I'm pretty confused at this point as generally, you open up a piece of electronics and it is very visibly clear what the issue is. Not so, in this case. Also, I have a working controller, so no, it isn't the system itself. The working controller works in all ports. Any ideas?
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