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  1. Just wanted to say thanks to all who have helped me in here, appreciate all the good advice.
  2. Well I finally figured out the issue....hahah what a head ache. I’m almost too embarrassed to say it on here lol but you guys deserve to know. I realized that super glue got onto the back of the battery where the negative terminal touches it, such a small amount I could barely see it. This super glue made it so the connection between the battery and the terminal was not good at best. I’m glad to have this forum for help because it occurred to me when you mentioned 2.6v was odd even in circuit. This is a great resource for anyone DON’T USE SUPER GLUE AROUND ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS.
  3. I tried again without the battery and made a save then let the console sit On for 20 mins or more then reset it. The saves do stay, I suspect it’s a diode I burnt up down the line just not sure which one. I tested the battery itself and it’s sitting at 3.3v and 2.6v when it’s in the circuit. I appreciate your advise, I’ll replace a diode or two to fix this. I don’t think it’s the actual holder because it shows volts when in circuit. I guess my question is what to replace? Or test.
  4. It seems to loose the save faster... I wonder if I should just replace the components around the battery like these resistors and caps etc.
  5. I’ll try it when I get home. Appreciate the advice as always. What should happen if everything was okay when I remove it? I’d be willing to replace the diodes on this I also have a tester for those. Just not sure what they should be showing if they were okay. Do you think the caps could be damaged as well? There’s a couple at the top.
  6. No modification is required with these holders to the plastic at all. Very low profile.
  7. I feel like i may have fried something on the board when I switch the battery terminals. I just have no idea where to look for such an issue or how.
  8. https://www.ebay.ca/itm/10PCS-Plastic-Housing-CR2032-Button-Cell-Battery-Socket-Holder-CasNWUS/324003268883?pageci=a0f3bf98-ad18-4a60-b056-3fa1c7ca5808, here’s the link, they are not particularly well made but they don’t require much modification to use, only the negative terminal needs to be made small on the holder. Use super glue to hold the metal piece in, you can dab glue in on the other side where the two metal pegs go into the holder.
  9. Yes I did, I’ve tried two other “yellow” edged batteries from eBay. I made the mistake of positive into the negative terminal because the pins are the same sizes on the batteries. This would be my third different battery.
  10. I’m just not sure where to start? Any advice I know you can’t look at it yourself. Nothing looks damaged, where should I start? I thought it was the reverse of the battery that did it.
  11. In need of some assistance, I put a battery holder into my copy of Crystalis for NES. I may have reversed the battery by accident when I originally installed it. Now the game no longer saves for more than 10 minutes. I’ve had issues with other NES games and received great advice from you folks. Any assistance would be much appreciated. I’ve checked continuity from almost every point that the battery leads connect to and no success so far. I have attempted a couple small jumper wires to no avail as noted in my picture below.
  12. I’ve done quite a few GBA and GB Pokémon games, I find them much easier than the through hole snes and nes games etc.
  13. I have an O.K iron but I was in a rush when doing this because it made me upset thinking about why I had done to this game lol, the next time I do something like this I’ll take my time and practice some before hand. I use leaded solder so it typically melts better than this, my current solder is def really cheap though lol. I tried just soldering batteries and also holders with just using the original traces but the game wouldn’t hold a save anymore. Once I added the cables it could hold a save.
  14. I was wondering about that, since it wasn’t through hole, was it harder to fix? I’d love to see a picture of that actually I’d bet it was a Pokémon game.
  15. I think I truly just thought I messed it up so badly I couldn’t fix it lol. I didn’t have anything to go off of. When I google this problem of pads gone it was too general of an issue. Most people are fixing non through hole devices. Two months this thing sat on my bench lol, 5 different attempts. Now I know to ask you guys when I am stuck.
  16. Do you think its because I tried to pile it on too much? Lol I’m just so happy it works, I thought for sure I really messed it up for about 2 months. I’ve done about 15 of these battery changes and this one went really badly for some reason. The board just didn’t take the heat as well as other games I’ve seen. That’s part of the reason I’m scared to bring the heat to it. I have a soldering station and reworks station attached. You ever just mess up really bad and avoid something for a time because of it lol?
  17. Thanks so much for the multi meter suggestion, I honestly am not the best at electronics lol, I thought it energized the whole board not just parts going specifically from the terminals to parts on the board. I’ve found where the terminals were suppose to go ie one of the diode legs and one chip leg for the NEG terminal. 15 mins it’s held a save for! Thanks so much
  18. Sorry I’m confused, could you rephrase this? If I soldered a tabbed battery or holder, would I just need to connect the positive side on the back to the diode? Also where on the diode is best?
  19. Hey guys, so this time I messed up bad, no excuses here. Simply how can I fix this. Also will the product pictured below which is an conductive epoxy help? The game is Zelda for NES.
  20. Sorry I just had this aha moment, was modding a couple ps3s and found out they can play all region games.
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