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  1. I have a budget of $40, what should I get?


    (I was thinking of getting that awesome Bezerk Homebrew for the 7800 and Mrs Pacman)

  2. Everyday I question why people willingly buy Atari 5200's


    The Atari 5200's architecture is based off of the atari 8-bit line of computers right? And most of the games on the 5200 are on the 8-bit, idk man. I guess I have no nostalgia for the 5200, but still it doesn't seem like the wisest investment lol

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    2. deepthaw


      @John Stamos Mullet That's why I've not even bothered trying to post mine for sale. Just seems like a hassle. 

    3. Rogerpoco


      Lol, I was gonna say the same thing-it's as big as a damned car-hood!!!

      Cruise Ship Anchor, lol, love it!!!

    4. Rogerpoco


      I've got to say-

      We are forced to play(lol)Centipede in the 2600HSC this week, I accidentally improved my PB by about 20k somehow, yay!

      Been meaning to get back on the 5200 a bit anyway, got it "off the shelf" yesterday, decided to give the 'Pede a go for the heck of it.

      I don't have the trackball, goal is to break 20k with the stick, not, uhh, going great so far(eh, 15k, not bad), but tho it's really, REALLY difficult, compared to the 2600 version, it IS great fun, looks nice, plays "fair", tho again, it's stupid hard, and I kinda suck anyway...


  3. Atari, Am I right?

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    2. adam242


      Yes, you are correct.

    3. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      Am I right? Am I wrong?



    4. Flojomojo


      Atari, the original 1970s videogame pioneer, YES


      "Atari," the 21st century brand custodian who sues t-shirt and sticker manufacturers, NO

  4. I've been looking for a while and can't find anything useful, if you could send me a link to an s-video kit that would be pretty cool, but it would be even better if I could get one of you people to mod the console for me! (Name your price) thank you
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