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  1. I just got an "USB IBM Floppy Disk Reader" from ShopGoodwill online and it turned out to also be a writer!
    I just wanted to get it because it was only $8 and it was in great condition (even came with the original carrying case) Score!

  2. What console do you think killed it? I think the Dreamcast but the spirit of each console having different looking graphics continued with portable consoles up into the early 2010's imo
  3. My brother is having to live with me for a while and he plays games that were made for 4:3 in fullscreen stretched and it's driving me insane.

    1. Theallknowingsause


      Might I add that I'm 17 and he's 28...

  4. Oh my gosh I freaking knew you've played this game and it was an inspiration!
  5. From what I've seen and read he made the game to have the polish of a normal "pixel art Indie game" and was hoping most of the sales would be from the steam and humble bundle versions (bought by people who don't really care too much for older consoles, but the demographic of people who play indie games), but what ended up happening is us nerds ended up showing it to our friends as "a super cool Atari 7800 game" rather then a "super cool indie game" like how he was intending. I'm also guessing his profit of the game wasn't as much as he was anticipating, (because of the small player base the console has). What I am trying to say is you're right in saying it's a "smash hit" but not in the way it was set up to be.
  6. I actually got the steam version of Rikki & Vikki and feel in love with it, but didn't love the input lag (it wasn't too bad, I'm just sensitive to that kind of stuff and wanted a reason to get a 7800) so I bought one, then got that one custom controller that looked like an nes controller, then got a 2nd one, plus the 7800 itself, and the game. I ended up spending 300+ just for me to be able to play 1 game in the definitive way.. Worth it!
  7. Wouldn't wine also work? (The application not the drink)
  8. Picked up an apple 2c about a week ago and I have no clue what to do with it right now, I'm planning on getting some software for it but it seems like looking on ebay for apple 2 lots isn't too common, I might have to fork over the $140ish and get an sd card reader or something.

    1. Keatah


      Ebay has over 3,300 Apple II items available. About 1/6th of that is stuff that works on the //c.


      Then there's ADTpro and Apple Game Server. Bootstrap yourself there!

    2. BydoEmpire


      Get a FloppyEmu and go to town!

  9. One of the main reasons I got an Atari 7800 was for Rikki & Vikki, all together playing Rikki on the 7800, plus the controller and the 7800 itself, it came to $230ish. Worth it
  10. After the lockdown stuff is through, thrift stores are going to be PACKED full of garbage (treasure)

    Get ready to see people posting their super sweet finds on Facebook

  11. I own a model 1 Fairchild VES and need to replace the power supply very soon, it's making very loud humming noises when I have it plugged in for too long and don't want to start a house fire. I was going to find a power supply with the same voltages and what ever and chop off the original power supply (reminder that everything was hardwired on the original system) then if I can figure it out put the new internals in the old power supply box because it looks cool and I would feel bad throwing it away. Any reason why I shouldn't? And or does anyone know of any quirks I should be aware of? (I've barely done any type of repair work on my systems, so I'm new to this.)
  12. Eehehehhehh oookaayyyyy, tennis and hockey can only be enjoyed by the same 2 people for so many times until you lust for MORE! Even though Hockey is the best version of "Hockey" ever made lol
  13. Sounds great, I just got a Channel F and I'm excited to get some games to play on it, you can only play pong so many times lol, I'll be waiting. Also I'll get to paying you on Monday when I get my paycheck. Thank you for being super cool!
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