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  1. What was the first game you've played and didn't like?


    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. save2600


      Either Swordquest Earthworld or Fireworld.  

    3. Flojomojo


      Vectron for Intellivision was a huge disappointment. 

    4. bluejay


      Tetris. This was before I got addicted to it, back when I was, like, 8.

  2. I really like this sound demo using the tia chip, but it's technically not a game, but still impressive!
  3. Woah, that is really cool looking, bad ground connection is my guess? I'm not that knowledged on stuff like that but I've seen videos of signal interference with that for the reasoning
  4. I couldn't fit my whole banner in the space AtariAge gave me, so here's the whole thing if anyone was interested for some reason


  5. If I remember correctly, the 7800 version of Ballblazer runs at 60fps rather then the 5200 version which runs at 15 or 30.
  6. That's kinda what I was saying, I think that people should figure out that the 7800 can use more then just the pokey chip for audio, but I think because that's the only special audio clip official 7800 games have used, coding for the pokey chip is much easier then finding a new chip and having to manually map out the new chip and what ever. I think one day we should all agree to use 1 audio chip to exploit and get at the documentation to create the definitive 7800 audio chip.
  7. I have the 7800 version and the steam version of Rikki & Vikki, and I haven't gotten Bentley Bear yet.
  8. Sorry about the misspellings, my class was almost over and I was in a rush with frantically tapping my crappy phone keyboard before the bell rang. I really didn't want to start an argument, just wanted to say that Osman is awesome for having a decent price for a very impressive Atari 7800 game with enough doohickey's in the cartridge to make anyone happy. I'm also comparing Bentley Bear's Crystal Quest with the version that has the sound chip already inside it because that's how Rikki & Vikki is sold. Also thank you for correcting me on the prices, I usually overestimate on stuff like that.
  9. Rikki and Vikki comes in a box full of goodies, the game with a sound chip and a Manuel, it's $70. Bentley bear's Christal quest with the pokey one included is around $76 and it doesn't even come with a box. I think for what you get with Rikki & Vikki $70 is a fair price. Edit: Not trying to throw mud twords Bentley Bear, I just wanted to use that game for comparison purposes. Last edit: what the heck are you talking about Ball Blazer is great! I also am new to collecting to the system, I have a bunch of 2600 games, Rikki & Vikki, and Poll Position 2.
  10. I'm kinda sick of people using the pokey chip in Atari 7800 Homebrew games, using that chip is way too expensive imo, plus you need to sacrifice other cartridges for your home brew games to have expanded audio what evers. I know of the pokey one chip thing but just that chip alone adds another $20 on top of the already high price of Homebrew Atari 7800 games. I'm very happy you made the choice of creating your own custom mapper and sound chip to reduce cost and improve sound.
  11. I would love to see videos in the style of The 8-bit guy all about programming stuff from Osman. That or I would like to see Osman post more art because he's seriously talented at drawing as well.
  12. Prime example of the "and more" part of free games and more
  13. Sometimes I think about how the Intellivision's marketing strategy was, "a video game console for smart people"


    Dunno, just the idea is funny and slightly clever to me

    1. Keatah


      That's exactly the way it was.

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