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  1. THIS JUST IN! Good Deal Games will be releasing there Atari 2600 Homebrew Miss It at Too Many Games on Saturday Only so make sure you get there to grab a copy.
  2. as of right now I am looking for 100 each. If I still have them sunday maybe a bit less. Or if you took both I could do a bit better.
  3. I have 2 nice sealed 7800 games Double Dragon and Rampage. They will be for sale at my table. I will be with the girl with all the buttons. I also have tons of other stuff 2 boxed mattel aquarius sets, all sorts of stuff from atari to saturn. Some very high end saturn stuff.
  4. Gamers get ready! TooManyGames is returning to bring everyone together for another festival of gaming awesomeness! In 2011 TooMayGames is expanding our event from just one day to a three day long extravaganza! More games, more tournaments, more concerts, more vendors, more party! Start preparing now for the greatest gaming event to ever rock Pennsylvania! TooManyGames 2011 is taking place May 6th-8th at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, PA. We have 80,000 square feet we're packing with games and gaming gear! In our main exhibition hall you can check out all our vendors in the marketplace and score some sweet games to add to your collections or some awesome arts and crafts! In our 15,000 square foot tabletop gaming battleground you can compete in Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon, and Yu-Gi-Oh tournaments and also participate in RPGs all throughout the weekend! Stop by our console arena to check out gaming's greatest hits of yesterday and today and compete against your fellow gamers for prizes and glory! Stop in the Power Bar to recharge your mana and check out some of our hot bands performing all weekend long! Throughout the weekend stop by our panel and movie rooms to check out great movies and fan-made videos as well as listen to some cool people talk about how awesome it is to be a gamer! PC gamers, we've got a 17,000 square foot BYOPC LAN room, powered by The GXL, where you and hundreds of fellow PC gamers can fight and quest all day and all night long, non-stop! Stop by The GXL's website at www.thegxl.com for more info and to sign up for the LAN! Registration for TooManyGames is now open! Just visit our website at http://www.toomanygames.com to get more info on what's happening at the show and to register for a pass or to set up in our marketplace!
  5. The show is this weekend! Get ready everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Star of theater, television, radio, and Mortal Kombat, Brandon Dicamillo will be making a special guest appearance at the TooManyGames convention on September 19th at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Wyomissing, PA. Brandon may be best known for his slapstick and the off-the-cuff humor his fans enjoy in CKY, Jackass, and Viva la Bam, but he's also the current world record holder for the original arcade version of Mortal Kombat. Brandon will be at TooManyGames all day to meet his fans and to promote his new DVD, Cattle Bag. Be sure to attend the RacketBoy.com live podcast where Brandon will be a special panel guest! More info on TooManyGames can be found on our website at http://www.toomanygames.com
  7. funny same date and hotel as our show, just different state. good luck with your show. Rick Thanks Rick same to you guys! at least we know both costs will be playing retro games in abundance that weekend =)
  8. Greetings programs! Do you love games? And I'm not just talking about the games themselves, but the whole culture of gaming? Then you need to be at TooManyGames! TooManyGames is the east coast's longest running gaming event, this fall we're holding our 10th event! TooManyGames is all about the games themselves, sure, that's why we have the nation's largest gaming marketplace where gamers and collectors can buy games, both new and old - but there's so much more about gaming than just the games themselves. TooManyGames incorporates everything that gaming is about - the games, the music, the art, the community, the development, the competition, the history, the people behind the scenes, the fun. This fall, on September 19th, TooManyGames will return with its latest event, bringing it to a whole new venue - The Crowne Plaza Hotel in the busy commercial district of Wyomissing, PA. TooManyGames has rented out the entire convention floor of the hotel to fill every corner with gaming amazement! Here are some of the features of this fall's event: The Marketplace - TMG's marketplace is THE place to fill holes in your gaming collections, or pick up some of your favorite nostalgic gaming goodies. Dozens of vendors have all sorts of games, artwork, collectibles, and more ready for you to take home! The Game Room - TMG's game room (sponsored by The GXL) features dozens of TVs and consoles from yesterday and today available for you to play all day long. Tournaments - TMG is long known for our amazing tournaments. This year will be no exception as we bring new FPS games to our tournament line-up to join classic and modern favorites like Bomberman, Warlords, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Super Street Fighter IV, and more! Concerts - TooManyGames’ Video Games ROCK! concert provides hours of live musical performances by the monsters of gaming music. Past performers include This Place is Haunted, Temp Sound Solutions, Ultraball, MC Lars, Gonna Get Got, Entertainment System, Animal Style, Chipocryte, X Hunters, and tons more! Tabletop Gaming - Once again we're bringing back tabletop gaming for the RPG fans! We'll have space dedicated for RPG campaigns, LARPing, Magic: The Gathering, Munchkin, and more! Make sure to bring your best decks for our Magic: The Gathering tournaments! Panels - TooManyGames' panels have been extremely varied in style and substance! Past discussion panels include the PA Jedi's talking about their group, Racketboy doing a live gaming podcast with special guests, and TooManyGames' organizers discussing what it takes to put together a game convention! Rarities - TMG is often times the place to find extremely rare and one-of-a-kind items. This fall we've teamed up with Rick Bruns of NESMaps.com. Rick is the owner of the only Super Nintendo Powerfest '94 cart in existence, and he also owns one of the two known 1992 Nintendo Challenge carts. Both of these carts will be available, not just on display, but for you to play in tournaments at TooManyGames! Preregistration for this fall's event is now open! Regular preregistration is only $10 and gets you in an hour before general admission, three Chinese auction tickets, and a ticket for the preregistration exclusive raffle! VIP preregistration is only $20, gets you in an hour earlier than general admission, five Chinese auction tickets, a ticket for the preregistration exclusive raffle, and a TooManyGames X limited edition t-shirt! VIP registrations are limited to only 50 people, so make sure you register today! Tables in TooManyGames' marketplace are a great place to sell excess games in your collection, sell some art, tabletop gaming cards and figures, or anything else! Marketplace tables are only $70 and include two admission passes. For more info on setting up as a vendor at TooManyGames, visit our website at www.toomanygames.com TooManyGames strives to be the nation's greatest indie gaming event. We can't make it happen without support of the gamers themselves! Please let all your friends know about TooManyGames! We hope to see you all this fall at TooManyGames!
  9. I really want to make it to this. Mad Gear LLC Always tells me how amazing it is and that I should do it. Maybe me and Game Core can come out and promote our show depending on funds.
  10. First let me say this is TMGpaul and since chuck will be here promoting Too Many Games I dont want to use that name so I am going back to my original name I made in 05 I think. This is still the same guy though. Now on to the good stuff..... Hey everyone I just wanted to let you know Game Core 2010 has been announced. The show will be April 30th - May 2nd at the Valley Forge Convention Center in King Of Prussia, PA. All you old school guys will remember this is the venue that Philly Classic called home. This show is a bit different than our last event as first of all its 3 days long, 2nd it runs from 6pm friday - 6pm sunday. That means 48 non stop hours of gaming. That means at 2am you wanna go play some arcade games you can. If at 9pm you wanna see a screening or a panel or play in an RPG campaign chances are good one of them will be going on. This year we are teaming up with the guys over at NintendoAge to run there AgeExpo inside of our con. That means all sorts of awesome nintendo related programming going on and maybe some new releases. We will of course have all the stuff we normally have including tournaments, screenings, our huge marketplace and dealer room (open normal dealer room hours not all weekend) RPG Games, Magic The Gathering Tournaments etc. Since this is AtariAge I figure you would all like to know one of our first planned tournaments is a 4 player Warlords tournament. We also plan on having more Classic Era games represented at this con. If anyone needs more info or would like to help in anyway or run a tournament let me know. Check out our website at www.gamecorecon.com
  11. Hey Guys this is TMGpaul since chuck is doing too many games again I am gonna post on the boards for Game Core from now on as mindlesspunk77 which was the name I used to use a long time ago. Expect the new game core thread coming in a few minutes.
  12. ok i posted this at digital press with some interest but noone with money id really like to see these games go to a great home they are mint beutiful collector shape i have had these for a long time and i just dont play them i want them to be loved im looking at 700 for everything wich it is valued at over 1200 so i think that is fair and if a few days go by and noone has bought it send me lists of what you need and ill give you a price so here they are.... also many many pictures over at http://www.fragfortoys.net/xxxtwiggyxxx/ images 5454 - 5489 i believe Games without Manuals! b.c's quest for tires cabbage patch kids picture show fathom gateway to apshai jumpman junior keystone kapers oil's well pitfall pitstop star wars teh arcade game the heist threshold Games with Manuals! 2010 the graphic adventure game antarctic adventure b.c's quest for tires 2 grogs revenge beamrider blackjack/poker (with 2 overlays) blockcade runner buck rogers planet of zoom bump n jump burgertime cabbage patch kids adventures in the park campaign 84 carnival centipede choplifter congo bongo cosmic avenger decathalon defender destructor donkey kong donkey kong jr dr. suess fix up the mix up puzzler dragon fire flipper slipper forture builder frantic freddy frenzy frogger frogger 2 threedeep front line (with 2 overlays) galaxian gorf gust buster hero illusions james bond 007 lady bug looping montezuma's revenge moonsweeper mr. do nova blast omega race pepper 2 pitfall 2 popeye q bert quest for quintana roo river raid roc n rope rocky super action boxing (with 2 overlays) rolloverture root beer tapper sector alpha slither smurf rescue in gargamel's castle space fury space panic spectron spy hunter (with 2 overlays) squish em featuring sam star trek strategic operations simulator (with 2 overlays) subroc super action baseball (with 2 overlays) super action football (with 2 overlays) super cobra super cross force tarzan the dam busters the dukes of hazzard time pilot turbo tutankham venture victory war games (with 2 overlays) war room (with 2 overlays) xonox artillery duel xonox robin hood xonox sir lancelot (2 copies) xonox tomarc the barbarian zaxxon zenji
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