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  1. 2020 has been a challenging year for most small sized businesses. I also recently marked my 1 year Phoenix anniversary and reflected on what I experienced. Summary: exceeded my expectations and beyond thrilled Here are five areas that delivered value to me. 1/ hardware: modern hardware design reliable, efficient, powerful 2/ small form factor: portability achieved...have taken it on a few trips, easy to store at home 3/ joystick support: 8bitdo wireless/NES, Coleco vintage, Atari vintage, and 3rd parties 4/ game support: support for legacy Coleco carts (all 43 worked) and could explore ROMs on SD card (Coleco, Atari) 5/ customer support: responded to key issues on forums and via email Of course I would like more features, and it would have been better to set expectations more frequently/proactively about the future roadmap, but for year 1, the core gaming experience exceeded my expectations and that established a solid foundation upon which to improve upon.
  2. Another "right-handed" gamer here. Thank you for sharing this and creating it. Count me in for 2 please.
  3. Thanks for sharing/reminder. Just ordered 2 PCB boards for my Atari CX40s. Looking forward to the improvement in playability with less movement in eight directions.
  4. Would like to buy a ColecoVision Roller Controller module in good working condition (external box not needed...just want it for playing Slither). Tx.
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