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  1. I see that there have been firmware updates for it now, could you tell me the latest revision? (I'm sure it is possible though that the Hi-Def NES that came in the Nt was already at the latest revision, I was just hoping to solve a few issues I've run into, although I think they could be attributed to a 5v power issue with the OKI-78SR-5/1.5-W36H-C / I5011H power supply.)
  2. I was wondering exactly this as I opened the case man, thanks for the info! If you have any more little tidbits of info about this project, or the 6502A, I (and I'm sure the community) would love to hear them. This is the most interesting piece of FPGA gaming hardware I own, and I plan to make a mini-documentary about it as my knowledge of the intricacies improve!
  3. Hello all! I like to drop in and show people things that they may not know, or might not have seen before, and as have been a lurker here for years, I thought someone might get a kick out of seeing a full resolution teardown of the Analogue Nt First Edition NES/Famicom console. Serial Number 000123. Let me know if you have any questions I might be able to answer, but otherwise, enjoy! 1. The Aluminum Case; 2. The Nt Motherboard 3. The CPU/PPU Daughterboards; 4. The Zimba Labs (Kevtris) 6502A FPGA HDMI Board; 5. Board/Chip Closeups; 6. Misc. Board Oddities; I hope everyone enjoys the photos as much as I enjoyed tearing down this amazing chunk of engineering! (First Post!)
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