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  1. Thanks for the info, maybe i will order another one and do the mod!
  2. Interesting, i bought that controller but returned it because the paddle did not work with my 800XL. Do you have a link to the required mod?
  3. I own both games in a used shape, and these copies are *much* better, they look perfekt and unused. Even if the shrinkwrap were not original, it is a very rare find. Congratulations!
  4. the polish video was uploaded on 18. october, it seems the problem with gauntlet is already fixed (see post #470).
  5. Crazy prices these days. I checked my archived mails what i paid for 8bit stuff 20-15 years ago. 42$ for a perfect 800 (non yellowed) from the US, shipping to germany was actually a bit more expensive than the machine itself. An 810 floppy drive for 21 Euro. XEGS with keyboard for 40 Euro. NTSC 800XL fully socketed (made in Hong Kong) for 21 Euro. 800XE new in box for 20 Euro. Sigh.
  6. I just downloaded the latest version and had no problems with the dmg. The help files work fine.
  7. SAM is a speech synthesizer. See this video:
  8. To be honest, it was initially intended to become a full game. But back in the time, i bought an Amiga 1000 and abandoned this project in favor of learning m68k-assembler and porting "Jump!" to the Amiga. Years later i decided to turn the existing code into a large scrolling Demo. Today i found an old disk containing the level (mothership)-editor and the workdisk with my sourcecode (Atmas-II). Maybe shoestring finds something useful on these ATRs. When you boot the editor, you can choose the type of tiles with the arrow-keys and place tiles on the map with the joystick. ctrl-l and ctrl-s loads and saves a level. When you load the level "abbuc" from this atr, you have the scoller from the demo. Have fun! mothership_editor.ATR workdisk.ATR
  9. That is really cool, i'm looking forward to try the new features!
  10. In your opinion all 2D space shmups on advanced hardware make no sense, like R-Type, Gradius, G-Darius etc. ? That is a little bit harsh.
  11. Are still some available? I sent a PM a few weeks ago but got no answer.
  12. What did you expect, it *is* S-Video after all. The RetroTink is primary meant for devices which are HDMI only. But even on my 49" 4k TV, which is a rare beast featuring a full blown SCART-connector (composite, S-Video and RGB), the image quality from my RetroTink 2X Pro is even better. The scaling of the RetroTink is nicer, and with scanlines activated the picture just looks like a gigantic CRT, cool!
  13. Hi, this week i got my repacement keyboard mylar from retronics, but after opening my 800XL i don't think it will fit. @GoodByteXLpointed me to this thread, my keyboard is type 5. For which type are the replacemant mylars meant? type 4?
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