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  1. You can have my happy/speedy 1050s when you pry them from my cold, dead hands.
  2. Zaxon normally sells at https://www.sellmyretro.com, but it is nothing listed there at the moment.
  3. The XEGS does not have S-Video, so without hardware modification you are out of luck. The composite video on the stock XEGS is actually pretty good.
  4. Zork 1? "You are standing in an open field west of a white house, with a boarded front door.There is a small mailbox here."
  5. As my v1.3 from the Brewing Academy has no problems flashing the firmware, it seems that they applied the fix. I see for me no reason to upgrade to newer revisions.
  6. Maybe in eastern europe but not in the west. Since '87 i had a Commodore 1084 monitor, which had RGB-Scart and an additional S-Video (chroma/luma) input. I used the latter for my 8bit-Atari. I remember that since the late 80s most new TV-Sets had Scart as well.
  7. Very nice, but how do i mount images r/w via the web interface?
  8. The U2+ does not try to bring full network access to the C64, it is a storage solution more like the AVG-Cart+SIO-cable. It does have an ethernet port with very limited functionality for controlling the device remotely.
  9. That is the "ArcardeR" in beige, which is the closest match. Sadly they don't sell it in grey.
  10. Very interesting, but even the box that you posted calls it a "XE Video Game System".
  11. XEGS with U1MB, UAV, VBXE and PokeyMax connected via RGB-Scart cable to Commodore 1084 monitor. CRT rulez 🙂
  12. Maybe the ones for Amiga keyboards fit.
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