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  1. [usercart1] (I have another cart which is usercart0) name=XB G.E.M rom0=G|6000|A000|CARTS\XB27GEM_G.BIN (load >A000 bytes to grom starting at >6000. Cartridge groms start at >6000 You know it is >A000 bytes because the length is 40KB) rom1=8|0000|4000|CARTS\XB27GEM_8.BIN (load >4000 bytes to cartridge rom starting at the beginning of bank 0. You know it is >4000 bytes because the length is 16KB) I did as shown above and it works, THANK YOU
  2. [usercart88] ; *** XB GEM - works name="XB GEM" rom0=G|6000|A000|MODS\XBGEM_G.BIN rom1=C|6000|2000|MODS\VBGEM_8.BIN I did the above, it does put it on the menu, I select any one of the items and it loads but the xb * just blinks on and off.
  3. How do you load these into classic99 ?
  4. I remember back that there was a mod for the TI keyboard that added a FCTN key on the left by the A key. I made that to mine. Can't remember How I did it.
  5. I'm still new at this stuff, the last cart I bought way back was Super Extended Basic. So How can I get this Extended Basic 2.7 GEM ?
  6. Okay, got to work it into my present setup.
  7. I have that style keyboard and the keys do come off very easy.
  8. I just got a PEB unit, and it came in good shape. As for your unit I can only guess the force used to inflict such damage!... These boxes are tough and can a lot of abuse. But, it had to be really battered....even so I believe the unit will work.
  9. Just to let you know, I ordered it from you.
  10. produce some graphics and lets see what goes best. need 5x shirt
  11. Opry99er, No, the whole system got stolen. I'm trying to rebuild. Boy a lot of the stuff cost 3 times what I paid.
  12. Was Amazing and TI-Invaders, then extended basic, then I learned how to build Super carts. Made so many of them that TI classed me a dealer cause I bought so many parts. (Was for the members of my UG) .
  13. You can also use CSI*FINDEX, a program I wrote back in 1983/85. ArcadeShopper has it on tape and many other tapes. It auto locates your programs for you.
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