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  1. That's quite a big section to be at an address that high!
  2. I am not very well versed with the Atari 2600 yet (but I made a dvd screensaver and got a stable image so that's a start), only knowing 6502 from other projects. I was RTFM when I came across this quote: "The microprocessor stack is normally located from FF on down, and variables from 80 up, hoping the two never meet." I certainly ran into bugs during my first kernel, one of which was a misplaced org causing vars to be on the stack... Then I did a JSR. I was using a SetPos routine to set the horizontal sprite position, and thought the routine was broken when the sprite went somewhere completely unrelated but constant every time. I have solved the issue now, but I ask: What's the weirdest bug you have ever had?
  3. I see, thank you for the information. Why is it still being linked to?
  4. I am not talking about the emulator. I am talking about the mailing list by the same name, which was linked through atariage.com.
  5. By the way, incredibly sorry if this is in the wrong board. This is my first time on this forum.
  6. Hello from Finland! I wish to join the Stella Mailing List, but to my dismay I have found that the subscription link appears to be down. Upon some days of waiting, I have decided to ask the forums, as there seems to be no mention of this issue anywhere. This does not seem to be a common issue with the list service provider (biglist) according to my rudimentary searching of the issue, nor does it appear to be on my end atleast according to downforeveryoneorjustme.com and down.com. The broken link is this. I hope this issue gets resolved soon!
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