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  1. Hi, I want to first say that I really appreciate all the work done here; I have fond childhood memories of this game, and a deep appreciation of it as an adult. I'm curious about something; I recently used screenshots (distorted to a 1:1 perspective) to create a 3D cubic world map for my daughter, and I've been studying it a bit. I can't help wondering if the city screen (bottom face) should perhaps have it's orientation flipped. As it is, the front face (the one with pits like these: < >) connects to the bottom edges of both the forest and the city. This *sort of* makes it seem like the front face could be a bottom face (likewise, the rear face *might* seem like a top face). With the bottom face flipped, this is no longer the case, and the changes to the side faces' connections to the city don't make them seem too much less like side faces. If I had a clue about programming/coding I would try to reverse the connections to/from the city screen just to see if it feels more natural. Maybe I'm wrong, or maybe there is no right or wrong here, but it got me wondering. Thanks for any thoughts/insight. Greg
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