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  1. Hey guys, I have another TurboGrafx-16 article. If you have ever seen this one before, I'll bet it's been a long time. This magazine hasn't been scanned and uploaded, I had to buy it.
  2. Here's a good quality version of that commercial with good audio.
  3. I remember that Atari 2600 commercial very well. I had the 7800 around that time (early '88).
  4. This is my all-time favorite video game commercial of the late 1980s (1989) - The Legendary Axe / NEC TurboGrafx-16.
  5. Yes, and it also plays properly at 60fps, which cannot be said for the Saturn version with its 60fps smooth mode on. Still, I love the Saturn version of Out Run, especially the stand-alone Japanese version, with its remixed music that was cut from the 3-in-1 Sega Ages Volume 1 North American release.
  6. Yakumo, I really appreciated the 2 episodes of Battle of the Ports on Parodius. Did anyone notice that the PSX and Saturn ports of the first arcade game, Parodius Da!, on the first level, the palm trees do not animate when the pirate ship cat boss is flying near them? The trees do not animate in the Sharp X68000 version either, however they do somewhat in the Super Famicom version.
  7. I've never played a Wizardry game and the only Ultima game I've played is Ultima IV on the Sega Master System.
  8. The arcade games in the Sega 3D Ages series (not the Genesis/MD games so much) look absolutely stunningly gorgeous on New 3DS. Galaxy Force II especially. And Thunder Blade on 3DS is the only arcade-perfect version of that game. The next-closest home version of Thunder Blade, which is technically about 1/2 as good as the arcade graphically, was the Japan-only version for the Sharp X68000 computer. Galaxy Force II and Power Drift on 3DS also put to shame the 1998 Sega Ages versions released for the Saturn in Japan, which were 30fps instead of 60fps like the 1988 arcade versions.
  9. I doubt this will be helpful to you, it's not about sales, though its a 1984 article on Atari 7800 from a publication I'd never heard of before, Infoworld. How did I find it? I went to Google Groups (web-based USENET archive). In the search bar I put in: before: 01/01/1988 Atari 7800 The first result was this post: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!original/net.micro/-eOFExdQw9Y/DxfzVlfqCnMJ New ATARI game machine Group: net.micro From InfoWorld,June 11: The 7800 Prosystem, which will sell for about $150 ---- So then I looked up Infoworld June 1984 on regular Google search and found the article on archive.org Point is, it's an example of how to find print articles on subjects you're interested in, I guess in a round-about way.
  10. Great work man. Really awesome that you scanned EGP Sept/Oct 1988 for Retromags. I never even knew of EGP back then. The first issue of EGM I saw was #2 June/July (or just July) 1989. It was after reading that issue that I started thinking about trying to get a TurboGrafx-16 or a Genesis. Also, I saw that the pcenginefx.com forums are closed for new posts, pending the fate of that website. I was going to post this over there as well. Ah well.
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