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  1. i think that perhaps in German the most suitable word for what i meant is "Sehnsucht", or "thoughts and feelings about all facets of life that are unfinished or imperfect, paired with a yearning for ideal alternative experiences".
  2. No, i don't found it. For some time I kept the pieces of the ti99 that I had broken, perhaps thinking that sooner or later I would be able to put it back together, but then after a move I could not find them anymore. However I had also forgotten that I had opened it, as I had completely forgotten some games that I saw again here and recognized right away.
  3. Some time ago I found an old basic manual for ti99 and inside there were some pencil notes from my father. He was not a programmer but, unlike me, he had a lot of faith in the future and in fact he learned to use computers better than me and soon bought an Olivetti m24, which I still have and at the time was quite powerful. Instead, one day I opened the ti-99 that he had given me, to see that it was inside, and then I couldn't close it again. It's been more than 35 years, I think 37, I had almost forgotten about the existence of that computer when by chance I reviewed an image of parsec (I only had 2 cartridges, parsec and zero zap, which by the way I liked) and as a sort of proustian computer madeleine it all came back to my mind. Then I found this forum. I hated that computer, in a way, because it wasn't what I wanted, but in reality I didn't have the patience to study to get to know it, and maybe that's why I broke it. Every so often I wonder what my life would have been like if I had learned (my younger brother, for example, did, and became an electronic engineer). I don't know enough English to express this strange feeling clearly.
  4. Frankly, i don't know. I've tried karateka only once because is so slow and unreactive that is unplayable. But maybe compiled...
  5. Can i suggest karateka? http://www.hebdogiciel.free.fr/hd-roms/TI99be/Karateka [Ti99-BE].zip
  6. I converted the mp3 file to wav, both in mono 8bit 44100 format for cs1er and in wav 16bit for classic99, and neither works.
  7. Found a game in mp3 and "voc" file (https://sites.google.com/site/theosbazaar/Home/free-download---public-domain/Lasdef.rar?attredirects=0&d=1). How do you convert mp3 in ti99 file?
  8. maybe it's a silly question but you couldn't set a kind of autobump for some topics? So that if a topic considered important or useful it drops below a certain position, it is automatically bumped.
  9. "The TI-994/A was used for displaying the computer-generated screens of the first Greek TV programme to use computer graphics: "Kokkinoi Gigantes Asproi Nanoi". https://www.spinellis.gr/sw/memory/ti/
  10. Personally, i prefer 1, maximum 2 pinned topics, but no compendium.
  11. Yes, good idea. https://medium.com/@mknepprath/creating-lilt-part-5-9d904f3f6f89#.o9izbviuy
  12. I followed the instructions from - so i installed TI99-GCC-1.5.zip . However, patches 1.6, 1.7, 1.8 and 1.9 were attached in the first post of the thread. Do you have to install them all, one after the other? Or just 1.9? And how do you install them under 32-bit cigwin?
  13. Thank you! A small step for the Elia Spallanzani Foundation, an even smaller one for humanity! I downloaded cyggmp-3.dll and copied it to the cygwin/bin folder and now the "make" command as expected produced 2 files: rush_our.ea5.bin " and "rush_hour.c.bin. Now the question is: how do I install the additional patches?
  14. From http://tigameshelf.net/asm.htm, a game in multicolor mode: Dragon.
  15. Well, in theory one could calculate the whole configuration and show only a 64x48 window, which could scroll. Just saying.
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