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  1. Fantastic. Just one thing: the weapon shouldn't jump when you're stationary.
  2. a simple playable demo in which at the beginning the maze is invisible (but the walls block you) and you can find buckets of of paint with which to color and make the walls appear.
  3. The z-machine renaissance and the ti99: https://www.filfre.net/2019/10/new-tricks-for-an-old-z-machine-part-1-digging-the-trenches/
  4. And. what happens if you project only the 16 odd rays and calculate the height of the even columns as an average (e.g. col 2 = col1 + col3 / 2)?
  5. What if the color of the columns also depends on the distance? the closest white, then light yellow, dark yellow, shades of green, finally black. P.S. Little game idea: you are in a maze, you have a lantern. You hear strange noises and smells and you know THINGS are in the dark, ready to devour you if the light goes out. You have to find the exit and quickly because over time the oil of the lantern burns and the darkness approaches. In the labyrinth you can find some oil flasks or signs with cryptic clues. Sometimes in the dark you can see malevolent eyes looking at you. The corridors are all the same but in some there are noises or smells that help you distinguish them. If the light goes out you are dead.
  6. maybe make a little video for those that read this forum on smartphone?
  7. Simply whit a gray texture? the height of which is what the column would have been if there had been a wall after the eighth step.
  8. what effect does it have on speed if you limit the test to a certain distance, for example 8 squares? Where he finds nothing he could insert a column of "fog".
  9. Maybe this can help? https://santiontanon.blogspot.com/2017/09/raycasting-in-tales-of-popolon-msx.html?m=1
  10. You have 90 degrees field of view (32 - 128), the page you link use 60 degrees field of view (~21 - 128).
  11. Can you make enemies as if they were movable and semitransparent walls?
  12. While refueling your spaceship hits a rock and crashes: you are now in the tunnel and you have to go out to retrieve another parsec spaceship and return to fight. But be careful because the evil aliens take advantage to land and hunt you down.
  13. Maybe add a little sound of footsteps?
  14. A more simple "Theseus and the Minotaur"? Theseus must find and save 7 young and 7 virgins. Some may entrust a mission to Theseus: find a lost object, a relative etc. The minotaur can only be killed if it is attacked from behind or while it is feeding.
  15. With 1 mega and a little video player you can make Ti-fender of the crown.
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