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  1. without accent marks it is impossible to translate into French or Italian. Sans caractères accentués, il est impossible de traduire en français ou en italien. Senza caratteri accentati, è pressoché impossibile tradurre in francese o italiano.
  2. https://atariage.com/forums/topic/305987-raycaster/?tab=comments#comment-4521620
  3. thought, for example: a block of the wall with a monster face, opening its mouth and launching a bullet. It might be less expensive than making a sprite of it.
  4. Oh... thought it was a question of replacing one texture with another.
  5. Would there be a big slowdown if the images of the walls were animated?
  6. but if you want to make a version of eob, where speed is not critical, wouldn't it be better to use pre-calculated backgrounds at a higher resolution?
  7. With sams, you could combine adamantyr's game with 3d dungeons.
  8. Hibernated 2 on ti-99 https://mobile.twitter.com/8bit_era/status/1295735800764731393
  9. Fantastic. Just one thing: the weapon shouldn't jump when you're stationary.
  10. a simple playable demo in which at the beginning the maze is invisible (but the walls block you) and you can find buckets of of paint with which to color and make the walls appear.
  11. The z-machine renaissance and the ti99: https://www.filfre.net/2019/10/new-tricks-for-an-old-z-machine-part-1-digging-the-trenches/
  12. And. what happens if you project only the 16 odd rays and calculate the height of the even columns as an average (e.g. col 2 = col1 + col3 / 2)?
  13. What if the color of the columns also depends on the distance? the closest white, then light yellow, dark yellow, shades of green, finally black. P.S. Little game idea: you are in a maze, you have a lantern. You hear strange noises and smells and you know THINGS are in the dark, ready to devour you if the light goes out. You have to find the exit and quickly because over time the oil of the lantern burns and the darkness approaches. In the labyrinth you can find some oil flasks or signs with cryptic clues. Sometimes in the dark you can see malevolent eyes looking at you. The corridors are all the same but in some there are noises or smells that help you distinguish them. If the light goes out you are dead.
  14. maybe make a little video for those that read this forum on smartphone?
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