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  1. jvas


  2. Why don't you just feed the SIO from the power plug internally. Just one wire + you need to cut that pin of the SIO.
  3. I'm after this one? Has any left for sale? Thanks!
  4. Is there a chance to know, that my order-confirmation was successful?
  5. Nice! Will ingame animations be changed too?
  6. Hehe, this is not what I was saying. What I was saying is that below the frame rate of Hard Driving, a racing game is not enjoyable. It may be was ok back in the day, but I don't like 3-4 FPS. While it is OK for a game like Total Eclipse or Mercenary.
  7. No, we don't consider extremes only. But if you double the speed of Total Eclipse, you still far from 15 fps.
  8. Stunt Car Racier is at the edge IMHO. Any racing game with lower framerate is not more than an impressive demo, but not a racing game. But this is just my opinion.
  9. Very polished, professional work. Congratulations!
  10. Here you are: http://www.atarimania.com/game-atari-400-800-xl-xe-spy-hunter_4950.html
  11. https://www.myabandonware.com/game/rebound-a9n
  12. I don't know what to think. Its is hardly playable even on the 16bit computers/consoles....
  13. Finally obtained a controller for my N505. Can anybody help my download (URL) software to play with (demo/game)? Thanks!
  14. I can confirm, that I can hear the music stops for a moment when room changes (based on the video in the first post)...
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