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  1. Wouldn't it be more convenient if there was a daughter board with more than one ISA connectors outside of the case and connected to the internal board with a ribbon cable?
  2. It says "Owned", but not actually installed on the dashboard. ??? It seems it is part of the new OS update:
  3. Is the image of the original OS available somewhere to download? All the links to it I found seems to be dead...
  4. It seems to me I'll be the owner of the main unit. At least I paid for it....
  5. Has anybody compiled the video player for the XEL-CF interface?
  6. Actually DVI has analog pins, but still makes no sense.
  7. Hi, Can somebody tell me what is missing? I'm trying to set pixels, but nothing happens on screen (just a black/blank one). Thanks in advance! Cheers, Jozsi test1.pas
  8. It is easier to attach a SIO2SD and the 1050 to your atari at the same time. You can mount any ATR image with SIO2SD and copy that to an FDD with the 1050
  9. Yes, I already did that, but moved since then. It may be confusing if submitting more then once...
  10. How to update shipping address?
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