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  1. Nobody's mentioned that the top half of the shell is a completely different color than the bottom.
  2. As for your Vader unit, just know that in those, all of the chips were not socketed, they were actually soldered directly to the board. This makes repairing them a real pain. They do look very cool though.
  3. I was wondering what was going on inside my 5200, I guess I know now.
  4. As for this, I was under this impression too, however, when I took it apart, it was a Mitsumi mylar keyboard, the same one used on the XL. This one has a date code of 093, which I believe is the ninth week of 1983, which would be pretty late in the production run. I believe at that time, they were probably mixing and matching parts and some 800’s ended up with XL mylars.
  5. I must be lucky or something, but when I disassembled the keyboard, I couldn’t find any broken traces. I don’t have the paint yet, so I was just doing this out of curiosity. I decided to wipe everything down with alcohol and put it back together. Lo and behold, this was enough to get it working! The keyboard works absolutely perfectly now. I guess now I should retrobright it, too bad it’s January...
  6. As far as I can tell, all keyboard mylars that are currently being sold are for XL computers, I’ve never seen on for the 800.
  7. Today, I got my first ever Atari 8-bit computer, and Atari 800. This one is a pretty late production run (late '83) and has a Mitsumi mylar keyboard. About 80% of the keys on the keyboard work, and I really like the feel of it, I just wish it worked better. I have heard of silver paint being used to repair the traces on the mylar, but I'm unsure of how safe it would be for me to do this, as I have just started messing around with these things. Another problem is that I can't seem to find the correct silver paint. When I look on ebay, there are either large vials of silver paint for a very high price, or syringes from China with tiny amounts that I don't exactly trust. If somebody has a really good guide on how to do this repair, knows somebody who could do this repair for me, or knows where I can find an appropriate amount of good silver paint that doesn't cost too much, I would really appreciate it. Thank you.
  8. I have a Ti-99 with the Stackpole switches, and I find them to be very good, but mine haven’t popped off yet. Could you tell me how to source conductive paint? Would carbon paint be sufficient?
  9. I am completely new to Atari 8-bit computers, and as my first computer, I chose to get an Atari 800 because I've heard that the keyboard is good and I really like its rugged design. I was wondering after reading some threads on 800 keyboard variations about how I can tell what type of keyboard mine has from the date and serial code, as it won't arrive for a while. The serial number is 449400, and what I assume to be the date code is 093. If somebody could inform me about what keyboard type they think mine has, that would be great, thank you.
  10. I just got mine and it really makes me enjoy the 5200 more. I'd say it'a now my favorite early 80's system to play arcade conversions on, especially Qix, now that I don't have to use an analogue controller for games that were meant to be played with a digital joystick!
  11. I definitely agree that something is faulty. I cleaned the cartridge connector with a toothbrush and IPS, and same with the carts. They work on my other two port just fine.
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