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  1. I definitely agree that something is faulty. I cleaned the cartridge connector with a toothbrush and IPS, and same with the carts. They work on my other two port just fine.
  2. You should link some pictures, that way, people would be able to give you specific advice on what components need to be replaced or fixed.
  3. Sounds pretty cool. This weekend, if I'm not too busy, I'll try swapping some chips around between my 5200's. What does the computer font look like? I've actually never used an Atari 8-bit, but I really want to get an 800 or 800XL.
  4. That sounds cool, how do you install it?
  5. I think I'm going to try that. I'm really busy with finals right now, but I'll update some time.
  6. I did, with rubbing alcohol and an eraser.
  7. Well, these games work on one of my two ports, and don't work on the other. They are also not four port exclusive games, also, it's not just the colors that are wrong, Galaxian crashes at the title screen. Is there anything special about these games?
  8. I recently got my first 5200, and, as the case on it was cracked, ordered another that was "untested". The untested 5200 actually came with some games: Moon Patrol, Galaxian, Ms. Pacman, and Space Invaders. I already had a few games: Qix, Pacman, Super Breakout, Soccer, Baseball, and Centipede. When I put Moon Patrol and Galaxian in the 5200 I already owned, they both had weird glitches. Moon Patrol would have weird colors, purple on the title screen, and the rover was green instead of purple. Galaxian had random lines on the screen and would not start. Every other game I had worked perfectly on this system. When I tested these games on the untested 5200 that I had just gotten, they worked perfectly. I tried reseating all of the chips on the board of the original 5200, but the games still don't work correctly. If anybody recognizes these symptoms and could help me with this, I would greatly appreciate it.
  9. No problem! I’m really into researching minor redesigns in consoles, and I was surprised that this hadn’t been documented before. I wish it was in better condition, but the front of it got smashed in the post.
  10. Today, I got a second Atari 5200 that was marked as untested on ebay, in the hopes that the door that covers the controller storage area would be intact to replace the one on my system. When I got the 5200, I immediately noticed that it was different from mine, even though they were both two port systems. I realized that the areas where the plastic is polished and shiny on mu system(around the cartridge slot, under the metallic badge, and inside of the controller compartment) were actually a matte, rough plastic on the new 5200, where those areas are the same type of plastic that is found on the rest of the shell. I’ve never heard of this before, and while my 5200 has a date code on the board, this new one I got does not. Has anybody ever encountered this before? I have included pictures of my Atari with the shiny plastic and the new one with the matte plastic.
  11. Will it be available on ebay or is it direct order? How much is shipping to the US?
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