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  1. And here is the Legends Ultimate Arcade Art Pack: It contains all the art from the LFB 2018 and 2019 standard. I have 6 of the 10 thumbnails from the deluxe versions extra 10 games (they are actually locked on the standard system) and 48 from the Legends Ultimate Arcade cabinet. Beastball, Eliminator Boat Duel, Hostages & Immortal are the missing thumbnails. Legends_Ultimate+Flashback_2019_Art_Pack.rar
  2. I Finished up the Sega Master System Flashback Converter pack. MSFBCv0.1.rar
  3. Here is all the thumbnail / "box" art for the games found on the LFB2019 and the Legends Ultimate Arcade game. LFB2019_Art_Pack.rar
  4. It looks like both the standard and deluxe Legends Flashback 2019 with 100/110 games got an official firmware update. It looks like Burgertime and bump n jump only have leaderboards. If you use rewind or save states you can't submit a score. to submit a score, you pause the game and it will ask for your initials and it will give you a QRCode. scan the code with your phone to upload your score. I opened up the firmware update with 7 zip and it looks like there are or were plans to make Aladdin, Astyanax, Bad Dudes, Breakthru, Caveman Ninja, express raiders, fix it felix, side pocket, super real Darwin, super burgertime, super star wars 1-3, tetris, tetris 2 and Zombies Ate my Neighbors all support leaderboards. Sadly, the NES buttons are still fucked up for no reason and you cant remap the buttons. V1.0.1 Release Date: 2020/07/03 ##Games • Leaderboard added to the following games. Please visit https://www.atgames.net/arcadenet/leaderboards/legends_flashback for instructions. – BurgerTime – Burnin' Rubber (please submit your score at this page for the best user experience. Example image can be found here: http://legendsultimate.atgames.net/afz/brubber.zip.save0.png) ## Miscellaneous - Resolved game missing issue after upgrade to version 0.1.16 on select Legends Flashback consoles
  5. Yes, but I'm guessing you COULD create your own custom firmware and flash it to the system permanently (no USB Drive).
  6. Legends flashback 2019 has an onscreen colecovision numberpad.
  7. Not sure why it says the official firmware for the various flashback units were updated but the version numbers are still the same. I tried the legends units anyways. Didn't notice a difference. NES buttons are still jacked up.
  8. Atari Flashback 9s and Xs got new official firmware yesterday, it says. But the version numbers are the same???
  9. I am working on sets for LFB 2019. I have Coleco and SG-1000. Working on Master System now. So these won't be of use, as is, yet. But, you could most likely use the art for other projects. Check em out and let me know. ColecoVision: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Ii6j-I-SBI32cQAOfjCc7rspqMQilMyo/view?usp=sharing SG-1000: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jBFnxzStV8cDk5nLuIaOyRUCHfBvhPXV/view?usp=sharing
  10. rrifonas AKA rmr_md had created custom firmware for the Legends Flashback 2018 (50 games model) that allows you to add games with box art that I feel went kind of unnoticed. It was originally posted at the GBATemp forum. Here is the link to the CFW update. This CFW also overclocks the system. Instructions are inside. https://mega.nz/#!c4FHwKxA!Ja5qn8efbmm5H-KGJFue9lzUyHOOr3SNmnobCJvvKTQ Something to note! This custom firmware was created off of the most current official firmware update. If you update, it will reverse you NES A and B buttons. In the case of this older Legends Flashback 2018 unit, however, you could just flash back to the older custom firmware and undo that, but you won't be able to add box art with the old CFW. Once you update you can add games with box art to the main menu just like we have with the Atari FB9 and X. Here is a SEGA SG-1000 pack with art I put together. Big thanks to Franky32 over at GBATemp for helping put it together and testing! Simply put all the files in this archive on the root of your SD Card. Up to 32GB SD Card will work after the update. Should also point out this opens up all the extensions in the SD Card menu just like the old CFW. (sg-1000, sms, gg, smd, scd, nes, snes, fba and mame) SEGA SG-1000 Flashback Converter v0.2 SGFBCv0.2.rar
  11. Is anyone interested in a Sega SG-1000 pack with box art for the Legends FB2018 (50 Games) for use with the Custom Firmware?
  12. I know with the sega cd bios (.bin) and the neogeo bios (neogeo.zip) for FBA on CFW you don't rename the bios extension like you would the roms. Where is the SNES core "looking" for the bios at? in the same folder as the roms like with segacd and neogeo? or is it looking for the bios in a "system" folder that doesn't exist? like how dreamcast does on RA? When we swapped the genxplus core with the picodrive core I never could get 32x games to run because I had no where to place the bios files. rrifonas got them working, im not sure how. Basically the core is looking for the specifically named bios somewhere specific. if you rename the bios, or its not in the specific place, it wont work in the case of the two I mentioned before.
  13. do not update it. the official update is doo doo. there is no custom firmware yet. you do NOT need the update to play games from the SD Slot. you need an sd card 32GB or smaller. create a folder named "game" on the root of your card. put your roms in there. you can play NES (.dat) snes (.fig) genesis (.bin) sega-cd (.bin and .cue with the sega-cd bios files also in your "game" folder.) no spaces or periods or brackets in the games file name, or it wont work. There is a limit to how long the name can be, but its pretty long. As an FYI the 2019 DELUXE version can also play Atari 2600 (.a26). main thing is the official update reverses the A and B buttons on NES games. and it also takes away your option to reset the NES buttons altogether. so youll be stuck. there is no Out of Book firmware to restore to.
  14. a small amount of space. you could flash custom shit to it tho. I forget how much space is left. Brad is the one to ask.
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