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  1. Velvis, yes, select brings up the on screen keyboard. Batchman, yes. I'm okay with doing that as long as they run on mame2000.
  2. drop the correct extension rom in the correct folder. you dont have to make art if you dont want to, but it will be blank. just copy the format of the other games art. same size, same naming conventions. Here are the steps... HB_Game.a26 goes in /rom_hb Large art is 183x255 and is named HB_Game.a26.png small art is 122x170 and is named HB_Game.a26.s.png the art goes in the same /rom_hb folder with the game also in the folder is a file called all-games.ini open it and edit it with notepad. create an entry for the new game. to do that easily just copy and paste another entry and just edit the key parts. [Homebrew Game] The games display name in the main menu File=/rom/DigDug.xex points to the rom file (its always File=/rom/ no matter what folder you are in. In this case it is NOT File=/rom_hb/ Platform=Atari you can type anything in here, this system doesnt use or show it. Sort=Dig Dug this is the name it uses to put the game into alphabetical (or any tyoe of order, ex Sort=1, Sort=2, etc.) Year=2021 again, anything can go here. not used Genre=paddle can be left blank or "=atari" or "=paddle" or both (Genre=atari, paddle) It sorts games in the main menu. Description= fill it in if you want to, i dont. I hate to. Note= \ special note you can add if you want to your game description. and your done. now do that 1600 times. those words are in bold to show you just the key things that need changed from a copy paste to get your game running. Clearly dont make them bold when you do it. Seriously all you NEED to change is the rom name, but if you change those 4 key things, your games will be entered well enough to work with the rest of this pack. If a name of a file is wrong and doesnt match the others, it wont show up/work. (Platform= and Year= are ways to sort roms that this unit doesnt implement. Did the Sega Flashback use them, maybe?)
  3. Its on the top of my list. I haven't forgotten you bud. i was busy with the capture card and making promo vids and family stuff. Edit: Velvis, here they are, drop it on the flash drive and copy over the ini file. i didnt have time to test them. so, i guess you are our official tester now rom_a800.rar Is is really not too hard to add new games. Ill make a how to video, one day.
  4. Ok, got a bit of free time. AtariBlast.car AtariBlast.car in the main menu tries to load (you can see the 2600 difficulty switch settings pop up. It black screens, but it doesnt get stuck on the black screen, you can exit with the menu button. The OSK will NOT appear, and rewind actually rewinds. (I'm guessing Gen+GX is trying to load it??) if you change the extension to .xex, it still does NOT load from the main menu. It gets stuck in the deadly black screen of death.
  5. I'm busy with Baby's 1st birthday this weekend. As soon as I get time, I'll get everything added to the pack.
  6. OFW = Official (Atgames Website) FirmWare (allows you to create a folder named /game and play loaded roms WITHOUT BOX ART. CFW = Custom (Here in the thread) FirmWare. Besides the /game folder, it also lets you run the systems files from the SD Card and edit the main game list (add games WITH BOX ART) Just flash the custom firmware. For what you are wanting to do, it is the EXACT same thing. then you have the option to download a pre-built pack with artwork and put it on your SD CARD, if that is something you want to check out one day.
  7. I have a new unit coming in the mail now. I'll make a how to video. Pretty sure you just need the otg adapter and a flashdrive. I dont even think you need to press reset or flash official firmware at all anymore. Thats just for the older units. I think. Which, to be fair, was a huge PITA for some. 1st thing I need to know is what firmware version your unit has currently.
  8. I ordered a 2nd system online just now. Rocket got Atari800 going and an updated stella at 1/2 speed.
  9. In this order: 1. Flash official firmware from atgames website. 3. yes (or it will keep asking to flash update every time) 6. Create folder named "game" (.bin or .a26) 2. yes (only after folder is made and a compatible rom is inside.) 4. optional. only if you want to add games with box art to the main menu. (advanced users) 5. yes (see #3) 7. yes, but the OFW and CFW have same compatibility. some limitations. galagon for example. 8. No. just flash firmware again. CFW only allows for running system files from sd card. It does no allow you to play more title, or increase performance (per se)
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