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  1. I wish there was a little more info when it comes to the max. Its over double the price of the core so it would be nice to know how they compare and what you are getting. I have a Legends Gamerpad on the way now. I'm not a big fan of preordering items like these. if they eventually come out and I can buy one, cool. I feel bad for anyone that has been waiting this whole time for items. I have found a couple pads that work on the Core now and I really couldnt see spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars on cabinets, led marqees, 4 player panels, etc. I mean it looks like a money pit.
  2. this is what could have been better. Also, when does the purple Core Max come out?
  3. Well, P3 and P4 looked crammed. P1 and P2 look like they get more room than before. Also, which way is up for the P3 and P4? Thats nuts if its what I think it is. It looks 90 degrees to the front.
  4. I see the Legends Gamepad is finally able to be purchased. I ordered one. They are $35.00 plus $10.00 shipping. I should have one in about a week. (I also see that reservations are up for the new Legends Core Max. It is $150.00 plus $25.00 shipping.) They also have the old Core and Gamepad in a bundle now for $100.00. Legends GamePad™ – AtGames E-Store
  5. Vs. CastleVania - Looks like rewind jacks the game up in fun ways. WIN_20210914_13_13_48_Pro.mp4 cstlevna.zi3.gme
  6. Legends Ultimate Flashback V.0.7.15 Homebrew update. These are all the homebrew titles that were suggested by rocketfan. LUFv7.15.rar
  7. Legends Ultimate Flashback V.0.7.14 Linux Ports Update. Cave Story and Rick Dangerous were added. The cores for both were added to the emulator folder. There a a couple of alternate genesis .bin versions tossed in as well. The Frogger and Space Invaders ports are now working. Thank You to RocketFan for all the hard work on these additions. LUFv7.14.rar
  8. Legends Ultimate Flashback V.0.7.13 Here are the rest of the Lutro games. They seem to be mostly broken for various reasons. Anyways, here they are if someone that knows more than me wants to try and get them to work. lutro.rar
  9. Sorry I missed this. V.0.9.0 was the last full base version that was uploaded (In post #310 on page 13). Start there. There were four or maybe more patch updates after it that have to be added on.
  10. I have worked at arcades. The biggest one was Aladdin's Castle in Springfield, Illinois. It was owned by Namco at the time. It created some complications in my Pro Tekken career. My paychecks were from Namco. I technically worked for Namco. I have tons of awesome and crazy stories. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For anyone that thinks they arent smart enough to work in an arcade, you can. Most of your day is going to be vacuuming, cleaning screens, fixing token and ticket jams, etc. Once you have done it for awhile, you learn more, like swapping joysticks and buttons and redemption (Collecting the tokens from the machines). Monitors were not an everyday thing people worked on. And once you have a firm grasp on how it all works you will figure out which games have a broken coin meter or no meter at all. Or you learn to disconnect the meter and you take all the tokens out and sell them to people coming into the arcade. Jungle Jive instantly comes to mind as there are a shit ton of coins not locked up for gameplay and there are notoriously NO coin meters in this game.
  11. By now, emulation itself feels so old. I mean, I was in college in 1997 and remember playing NES on nesticle in the computer labs (along with a 15-pin sidewinder controller) and blowing peoples minds. (And getting kicked out of the lab a lot.) Looking up from the back of the lab and seeing one screen with castlevania playing must have been like magic. Over the years people have come to love it or hate on it for various reasons. There are Pro and Cons, and we all know what they are. So, I get both sides of the argument. This is what I will add. When it comes to the "original hardware is best" argument, I feel like I have personally "been there, done that". I don't even need a CRT monitor. I want to play the new/current/modern version on my living room tv. Even if its inferior. I want to experience ALL of gaming, as it is happening. But, like i said, emulation itself is so old now that its everywhere. It not the hot new thing in 1997 anymore. What has been fun is watching emulation from the old days go from not very accurate to very accurate. I think watching the time gap from a systems release to its emulators release is interesting too. Seeing it go from a thing that computer/gamer nerds did to bootleg games to being used inside classic mini consoles nowadays kind of blows my mind.
  12. So, those games need a newer version of stella emulator to work. To run a game with the later stella emulator use the extension .26a.gme (instead of .a26.gme) but be warned, this little system struggles to run newer stella so they will run a little slow. And, to be honest, they run a whole lot better on a RetroN77. Here is AFB9 vs AFBX w/ overclock vs R77. (The flicker error is in my capture device and not the game).
  13. Well obviously I want Primal Rage Recharged, lol, but I'm pretty sure WB owns that. Combat Recharged for me, please. But, I don't own a VCS... so.... Steam it is. Cool art, BTW.
  14. It would be cool if that faux cart was a flashdrive or a passthru for a usb or SD Card slot. One thing I noticed tho is the AFBX "cart port" is a super shiny black. If you try to clean it, it shows scratches pretty easily. I have to wonder how those faux carts are mounted. Double stick tape? I personally don't want to mar my system for a 3d printed block.
  15. does your system have a reset hole on the bottom? If there is no reset button hole on the bottom of your system, you HAVE to do the official update with android tools and a pc first to get OTG support. The official update is a PITA, I think I did it on a Windows XP machine. An old ass MAME machine was the only PC in the house that "Found one loader device".
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