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  1. @Bill Loguidice, do you happen to have a link to where a guy could buy just a single core controller? I see preorder on the website. Am I looking in the wrong place? Do I have to buy a bundle? Do you have a link to the bundle? Please and thank you. All I see is this.... Legends GamePad™ Reservation [Reserve with $20 deposit. Full price is – AtGames E-Store And this, lol... Legends Core | Electronics | GameStop im not trying to be funny but, how do people figure out how to buy this stuff? If I didnt know better and wasnt so into this stuff, I would think its not even available. This cant be good for business?? anyways I would like too buy 1 or 2 of them and not have to buy a bundle to get one. Just LMK.
  2. the retroplayer ini file is where the core settings go, also flags for rewind on/off etc. @rocketfan knows more, like how to see if you can find out what core options are available for each specific core.
  3. NEXUS NEWS: You power on to Atari Only folders. Jukebox, Favorites and LFB are also here. I eliminated the SGFB Hub/section. Its not needed. All the Sega folders were moved to the LFB Hub. They still have their SGFB BG themes. The Sega Arcade section was Nixed. The Linux Ports folder was moved to the LFB Hub. The Atari Jaguar section was added to the Nexus Hub. Pinball Fantasies is in there, as expected it runs super slow and is basically unplayable. I noticed Breakout 2000, Missile Command 3D, Raiden, Tempest 2000, Ruiner Pinball, etc., as possible candidates, but they will be so slow. Im not sure I will mess with it any time soon. But, the Jaguar core is set up to test. The CVFB and IVFB box art/sections were changed to just CV and IV, and moved to the LFB Hub. They still have their "flashback" BG themes. The Arcadia/Starpath SuperCharger and Atari 2600 Hacked Games sections were resurrected from Nexus v2.5.
  4. Im not quite finished and it takes about 4 hours for me to upload the pak these day. Im shooting for Friday, July 2nd for the next full release. (v9 codename: Sub-Folder & Wiser) This time around I did not use the confusing return switch, even though I like it and like the idea of 5 digital switches. Instead you have a home button thumbnail like the nexus box. LFB Home if you are in that section, SGFB home button for that section. They also both contain a Nexus home button for easy access. The favorites folder shows up in all 3 hubs. The CVFB and IVFB sections have been moved from the Nexus folder to the LFB folder. I'm basically cleaning it up so you have just atari sections in the Neuxs. I feel like the LFBD plays atari games, so it makes sense for it to show up in the NEXUS list. Its also the logical evolution of the SGFB, so I think it makes for it to show up there as well. I like the idea of powering on to Atari only stuff, and then if you click on LFB box, there is still a giant list of everything that works here.
  5. NEXUS NEWS: So far I've spent two days using sub-folders and I like it a lot better. On the main Nexus Hub screen I have all the Atari entries and the four extra "Virtual Flashbacks" (CV, IV, SMD and LFB). I also have entries for Favorites and Linux Ports. Overflow 2021 homebrew game got added. Sega Genesis Flashback is now a Hub and it got all the Sega sections. I created a Genesis section and also a new Sega Arcade section. Mostly to help fill out the new Sega Hub and to lighten the loading times on the overloaded LFB/Arcade games folder. I am now in the process of moving all the Sega arcade games like Frogger and Congo Bongo to the new section. I tested the Sega Dreamcast VMU (Visual Memory Unit) emulator, "vemulator". All I got was a garbled title screen. The Legends Flashback folder is also now a Hub. I created a new section for Arcade Games and moved everything else that was left here. Everything feels a lot more "Atari-y" and "Flashbacky". Lutro core was added but no section. Lots of Nintendo Virtual Boy, and Game Boy games were added. Some Pico-8 games. Buttons got set for some games that needed it. Ive been testing the pokemon mini and Wonderswan core. Still no sections for them. Probably some more stuff. I have also completely polished the Nexus hub, centered the blue bar selectors with the text, added the joystick controls key to the bottom of the details page, Sorted all the sections by Alphabet instead of release. Mainly because it says "Alphabetical" on the sidebar menu. I removed the "1.2Ghz" from the bottom right corner since not everyone uses overclock. I created a default "Nexus" bezel in case anyone ever makes custom bezels... really a whole lot more little stuff that Ive noticed needed corrected forever now and havent gotten around to doing it. Now that its all cleaned up, Im thinking about resurrecting some old Atari Nexus sections like A2600 SuperCharger and A2600 Hacks to lighten the loading times on A2600 and A2600 Homebrew.
  6. Flash the custom firmware first. It is in post #2. You only want to flash the correct custome firmware 1 time, and then delete the update image file. You can leave all the NEUXS folders where they are now. put this update image on the root of the drive with them, power on. you will be prompted to push left for the update, push left, wait until it finishes, reboots and asks again. when it asks again, pick no. turn off the system and remember to delete the update image, or it will ask you every time you power on. (I have reposted this here, just for you, to avoid any confusion in updating.) Atari Flashback 9 Gold - Model No. AR3650. It has HDMI video out and an SD Card Slot. Built off of the current firmware V.2.1.1. AFB9GoldV.2.1.1.rar7.5 MB · 34 downloads
  7. Yeah, I finally posted in the wrong spot, lol. That was for NEXUSv8. Ive been messing with VirtualBoy, It plays well and the buttons aren't crazy for all the games like you might think. Ive got Space Pinball, Bound High and Space Invaders - Virtual Collection all working w/ 1 button. The select button if for calibrating your screen, but here in emulation on tv, you dont need it, so you can map stuff to it easily. Alleyway is a good brick breaker game for gameboy with mario that I added. I played it a lot as a kid. It controls well for not having paddles and only directional. Alleyway.gb
  8. [KeyMappingUser] GalacticPinball.vb=11, 1, 9, 8, 10, 0 Here is the keymap for Galactic Pinball on Virtual Boy. JOYSTICK * Activates the left flipper. * Switches between menu items. * Controls your ship during the hidden games. START * Starts the game. * Pauses the game. FIRE BUTTON * Activates the right flipper. A BUTTON * Shoots out a ball. * Shoots during the hidden games or stops the Bonus Roulette wheel. * Activates menu selections. There is no B button to shake the table. (Bummer) There is no select button to adjust the screen while paused (but you really dont need that here.) I owned it. I played it a lot. Its fun. It is basically the first Metroid Pinball game.
  9. I give Bill a hard time, but he knows I like him. He has also wrote many, many informative books and is super knowledgeable. He is a Helluva writer.
  10. As is it is set up now, you exit to the menu you are currently in, you will have to goto rom_a5200 from there. Maybe try the "return to top menu" goto switch from the earlier versions. Its more load times while hopping around the folders. It's why setting up nested categories isnt ideal at this point in time. But that is like, just my opinion, man.
  11. Another idea I had, maybe this is your idea, is you could nest all the sega games under the SGFB folder. on the NEXUS hub you could have one entry for SGFB, when you go there it is another hub, of the 6 sega folders, MD, CD, 32X, GG, MS and SG. You could even make a section for SEGA only arcade games. We did this on NEXUS in the very beginning versions. We had Menus, inside of Menus, inside of menus. Inception type of stuff. The problem was how to get out, do you exit to the Top menu or a sub-menu? Its Nexus so its is "totally flexible". You can make whatever you want. Then we had a "Return" to top menu switch, that went out in steps. But you can make a goto link from anywhere to anywhere. Cons: It takes 4+ seconds to load a section. Hoping around more to extra hubs takes time. Its confusing for people to navigate if they didnt set it up and know what is where. Pros: As the Nexus folder list gets more convoluted with non-atari stuff, its a way to hide some folders. If you wanted to set it up with subfolders, you can. And thats totally cool. You can create a "goto" adventure. A labyrinth to navigate for the user.
  12. Thank you for this, I just added it to the Atari Flashback 9/X pack of games. We recently made some quick box art for these games for the flashback menu, but if there is better or more official box art, I would love to have it.
  13. I can help, what are you trying to do, make nested categories inside of categories? all rom folders go on the root of the device, use the goto command to make the thumb appear where you want it to. lets say you want a subfolder of homebrew inside of A5200. make a new rom_A52HB or whatever you want to name it and all the roms, art, /data and /res folders and the all-games.ini go in there. it should be on the root of your device. It is set up just the same as any other folder. next go to your rom_a5200 folder and make an entry in that all-games.ini file there for your new section (just the same as the nexus home thumb is programmed in there.) I think NEXUS v2 or so has lots of examples. you dont want to nest your folders on the drive itself, but program the sections where you want them to show up in the system files.
  14. Wow, PokeMon Mini has Homebrew games. Cool. Looks like Im messing with WonderSwan and PokeMon Mini today. ptype.min.gme PokemonPinballMini.min.gme
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