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  1. I know that 32GB cards "worked" before the update also. But if you loaded more than 16GB of data on them the SD Card option wouldn't show up in menu list.
  2. for me, 32GB sd cards worked after I installed the latest firmware/CFW on the 2018 model. I use SanDisc SD cards. I don't even format them. I just open the package, load the roms on it, then plug and play.
  3. AtGames Emailed me back. Hopefully they will fix the NES button issue in the future. "Hello Tom, We appreciate your findings and thank you for bringing this to our attention. After further checking with our development team, we learned that there are some restrictions on the button mapping and it causes some function loss on games. Our team will look into the issues related to NES games and might implement an improvement in the future builds. Thank you again! Best regards and happy gaming ! AtGames Customer Support"
  4. I'm sorry, bud, I'm no expert. Just trying to help these guys. I remember that now that you say it. So much of the 2019 got carried over to the 2018 I forgot. Thanks for clearing that up AND all of your hard work, man!
  5. Can confirm SG-1000 roms run with .sg extension (last letter of display name is dropped off like .gg and .7z) .sc extension did not work. (talking about the LFB'18 CFW)
  6. 2018 version got SNES support from the last official update. Its now running the same thing as the 2019 version. what extension for SG-1000? .bin? I also heard back from AtGames, no v0.1.13 update image, i figured they wouldn't. "Hi Tom, Following our previous email, we heard back from our development team that actually, we kept the game-play/key configuration identical to the original NES game mapping, B is on the left, A is on the right. Additionally, unfortunately NES game does not support key configuration and is like that by design due to the software limitations for the games. We hope this answers your questions."
  7. This is the updated firmware for the LFB2019 standard edition that AtGames sent me. I told them I'm not pleased and asking for a downgrade image to v0.1.13 I guess we will see what happens. arcade_update_1210.img
  8. I went ahead and bought a new 2019 standard ed. unit. Firmware version 0.1.13 I can confirm that NES A and B buttons are in the proper places and all NES buttons can be configured (Hold START+R) I can also confirm that 32GB SD Card works out of the box with no update. What did the official update do anyway?? Improve connectivity with the Ultimate Arcade Legends cabinet? yeah, I don't plan on hooking it up to that anyways. So, no update for this deck. Also, I went ahead and contacted Atgames but just stressed about the A and B button NES issue. I doubt they will send me a custom fix for that, but even a downgrade to 0.1.13 update image would be nice to get to share. I'll keep you guys posted.
  9. No. .bin is for genesis/sega-cd. Atari2600 is not supported. There is no Stella core.
  10. Anything labelled .bin will show up and be launched with Genplusgx (sega) core. SEGACD (with bios files) On the 2018 with CFW you should be able to run Genesis/MegaDrive (.bin/.gen/.md), SegaCD/MegaCD (.bin/.cue+bios), Master System/Mark-III (.sms), gamegear (.gg), nes/famicom (.nes/.dat), snes/super famicom/sufamiturbo/stellaview (.fig), mame2003(.zim) and final burn alpha(.7z). SD Card up to 32GB.
  11. The 2018 model has custom firmware available that unlocks extra extensions for the genplusgx emulator (SMS, SGG). and swaps/adds some arcade cores. (MAME/Fba) It also has been overclocked. It has support for mounting/dumping the data so you can edit the BG, boxart, game list, etc. amd run it from the sd card. The biggest issue is if you update the unit the A/B buttons get switched on NES games and you can't configure the buttons for NES games at all. There is older firmware where this isn't an issue, but you will lose the editing of the UI/gamelist, fullscreen gamegear resolution, snes support, and 32GB sd card support. (old firmware only supports up to 16GB) New 2019 version, if updated, has the same issues. Also, there is no CFW to unlock extra extensions/cores or mount/dump/customize the UI/gamelist. It's not overclocked, either. But, I hear out of the box/un-updated it doesn't have the A/B button NES issue. I'm pretty sure it has built in Atari and Colecovision cores. but without CFW, its just the few built-in games that utilize those two cores. I think the 2019 version supports 32GB sd card no matter what, out of the box or updated. I plan to go buy a new 2019 tonight and test it without updates vs. one i have with updates and see what I think. I would prefer to have the newer firmware for both systems, just with the A/B button issue resolved. can't we just swap out the quickness core with the previous version?
  12. Just as a test I flashed the AFB9CFW onto a Legends Flashback 2019. I used the mount and startup files and the rom pack and got it mostly working. There were quite a few hiccups in the menu to where this isn't an ideal way to do it, but it worked and the 6 button pads worked. I wish I had paddles so I could have tested those on the unit. I was also able to easily flash the unit back to normal afterwards. I also flashed it onto an atari flashback X, but it wouldn't read the rom folder and files from the usb drive. I was however able to flash the AFBX back with just the update img. OTG support remained even after i flashed to CFW and back.
  13. https://mega.nz/#!c4FHwKxA!Ja5qn8efbmm5H-KGJFue9lzUyHOOr3SNmnobCJvvKTQ Its for rmr md's newer custom firmware. Link is above. instructions and update img are included. Also, included are the "mount" and "startup" files you will need to make this work.
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