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  1. Just did a Yandex search and finished watching Mortal Kombat 2021 in Russian. Thing is I only barely passed HS Spanish. I'm guessing better than Annihilation, not as good as the first movie. Better than defenders of the realm, not as good as MK Conquest. Better than MK Legacy seasons 1 and 2 but not the MK Rebirth trailer. Better than MK The Journey Begins, but not better than MK Legends Scorpions Revenge. Better than MK the live tour, but not better than MK9, MKX or MK11 story mode. You know better than the malibu MK comics, but not the official MK comics. You know, its about as good as the MK Novel by Jeff Rovin, you know the one with Yong and Tsui Park Scorpions? Same shit.

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